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  1. It's hard to know where to begin with this delightful little box of tricks, so perhaps we shall be like Fraulein Maria and start at the beginning for that is a very good place to start. And beginnings, really, are a strange thing to find in this book because it is the end of the La Rochelle series and many of the characters face the fate of being interwoven into that series. This is not a problem, if we are precise about it, for Janie Steps In holds approximately 303048 individuals who are desti [...]

  2. When we first met Janie, she was a bit of a drippy teenager. Now she's a competent wife and mother, and it's her turn to look after a drippy teenager. She's much better at it than Rosamund, who is apparently too 'clannish' to do the job properly. Yes, we're back in the bonkers world of EBD, in which it's perfectly normal to make a present of a hundredweight of apples, and getting a house ready for somebody amounts to a bit of flower arranging because all the actual hard work involved has already [...]

  3. I liked this. Not as much as the earlier books in the series perhaps, but I liked it. I liked seeing all the next generation children that I recognise as Chalet School pupils, especially Beth and Barbara. It was also lovely to have a proper introduction to Nan.I like the way that, on the whole, the La Rochelle books don't take the whole book to deal with the problem main character(s). They are getting themselves sorted and coming right from fairly early in the book and from there it's that they [...]

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