- By Herb Payson

Blown Away

  • Title: Blown Away
  • Author: Herb Payson
  • ISBN: 9780924486951
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blown Away Herb and Nancy Payson spent six and a half years cruising the Pacific with their sizable brood of teenaged children packed into the foot ketch SEA FOAM Their globe spanning travels and side splitti

    Herb and Nancy Payson spent six and a half years cruising the Pacific with their sizable brood of teenaged children packed into the 36 foot ketch SEA FOAM Their globe spanning travels and side splitting adventures are recounted in Blown Away, a sort of Swiss Family Robinson by way of the Marx Brothers.

    1 thought on “Blown Away

    1. boring, boring, boring! This book was described to me as hilariously funny and entertaining. It met neither of those criteria. Granted this man wrote for a sailing magazine, and I expected there would be "technical" things I wouldn't understand, but his delivery was dry and lifeless, and even a half explanation of what they had to do technically to overcome a situation would have been welcomed. I was hoping to be transported to their adventure on the high seas and felt nothing. I'm usually not s [...]

    2. This is a fast and fun read for anyone who's been sailing or knows the language of sailing. Otherwise it might get a little tedious as he describes in detail the challenges he and his family faced while cruising the world in a small sailboat in the 1970's. For those who sail, it's very interesting and gets your heart pumping to read about their adventures and the way sailors had to navigate without the modern navigational tools that are available now or any of the amenities one would expect to h [...]

    3. Blown Away by Herb Payson is an interesting study of contrasts. My wife didn't particularly care for the book, but my feelings were different. She thought it was a story of a poorly prepared couple who went sailing across the ocean in an old boat that was a poor design and not properly tested, inspected or maintained. (Two such boats actually.) She thought the extraordinary hardships outweighed the rewards in spite of Payson's repeated efforts to say otherwise. For me it was an honest account of [...]

    4. Totally the book to read if you intend to someday liveaboard a sailboat and have a feeling a severely shruken budget will lead to a shrunken boat and lifestyle. He's way too enamoured with sailing vocabulary. I don't know if it is a quirk of his or he's nervous to be judged by the rest of the sailing community, or what. I would love for him to have dulled it down a bit for us laymen. Paragraph after paragraph of verbage can bore you. But I intend to read the next 2 books, and wish I was on a sai [...]

    5. Funny and informative, often teetering on the brink of disaster, this account of the Payson family's risky exploits in a sailboat that was "not quite ready" for the rigors of ocean travel makes one realize that, while it takes luck to survive the wild sea, one must never count on it, as Herb P. says. I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced tale, and especially appreciated the technical detail and the authentic nautical jargon.

    6. I really enjoyed this book. While it is definitely light reading, I did find the whole story of a family spending years together on a sailboat a pretty gutsy thing to do -- I could never have done it. The author writes with an engaging, humorous style that I really enjoyed. In fact, I am writing this review because I just ran across the book again and decided to reread it.

    7. Based on a true story, a family decided to get out of Los Angeles and buy a boat and sail around the world. It gives the reader a vivid picture of what it would be like for a family with kids (teenagers) to sail around the world. But there is more to it than just that, many thrilling and parts with action, I would recommend this to anyone who likes a book with action and adventure.

    8. This is a great book and one that stands the test of time. While mostly reading while at a mooring on my boat, my mind kept imaging a journey similar to that of Sea Foam (although perhaps a bit more organized). Nicely written.

    9. This is a delightful funny book about what it "really" means to quit your day job and sail away into the Pacific. If that interests you, then just buy the book. You won't regret it. Herb was a funny guy, and this is a fun read, especially if you are off sailing.

    10. Really good read. Laughed the whole time!"If it can go wrong, it will go wrong," seems to sum up their sailing luck, but they get through and have a good time. Would recommend to any fellow armchair skippers as a great escape until you get your own boat.

    11. A family decides to sell off all their belongings, buy a boat and sail around the world with little money and less sailing experience. What could possibly go wrong?

    12. I loved this laugh-out-loud book. As a wanna-be cruiser at the time I not only learned important things about the life, but I got a ton of chuckles out of it at the same time.

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