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The Mystery of Banshee Towers

  • Title: The Mystery of Banshee Towers
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9780749719821
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Mystery of Banshee Towers Now that Fatty and his dog Buster have returned from a holiday the gang can start a new adventure beginning with a visit to Banshee Towers

    Now that Fatty and his dog, Buster, have returned from a holiday, the gang can start a new adventure, beginning with a visit to Banshee Towers.

    1 thought on “The Mystery of Banshee Towers

    1. ένα από τα 2-3 καλύτερα της αγαπημένης μου παιδικής σειράς, παραμένει δροσερό και πλακατζίδικο μετά από τόσα χρόνια. ο Φρέντυ ήταν άνετα ένας από τους ήρωες της παιδικής μου ηλικίας

    2. ENID BLYTON NEVER GETS BORING!!Reading an Enid Blyton's novel is like revisiting the childhood days. Every time i delve into Enid Blyton's world,i feel a longing to be one of her characters.Even after having read so many authors,i still feel she is among the most vivid authors i have come across. Even this recent novel of hers that i read,didn't disappoint me a bit.It was enthralling from the beginning to the end.This is about five kids apparently headed by Fatty,who has recently returned from h [...]

    3. Ini pertama kali saya membaca buku karangan Enid Blyton dan rasanya langsung jatuh cinta. Dibandingkan dengan Misteri Nuri Gagap yang kasusnya sudah jelas dari awal (hilangnya burung nuri), buku ini justru memancing pembaca untuk mencari tahu apa kasusnya: pasti sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan Banshee Tower. Dan tiap lembarannya membuat saya makin ingin tahu dan ikutan menebak: apa kasusnya, kenapa dan siapa? Dan lagoi-lagi tebakan saya tidak tepat benar hahahaDari sisi teknis, sinopsis belakang [...]

    4. This was a book I bought a few months ago and never read before putting it away. I always enjoy stories about Fatty and the others, but I guess I assumed I'd already read this one when I in fact hadn't. I liked how quickly the mystery was wrapped up, and the story behind it all. Ern is a delight, with his Coos and whatnot. Goon is as loveable a bungler as ever. The Mystery of Banshee Towers, like all Enid Blyton books, five stars!

    5. It is really an interesting one. I should say that it is the best one by Enid Blyton in the mystery series.

    6. A great story (well, all the books in the series are). One of my absolute favourite Enid Blyton stories. Ever.

    7. The first ever novel that I read. This one sparked my interest in reading fiction. Nothing like a nice warm Enid Blyton novel, when you're in high school!

    8. I will miss reading these, I really wish there was more. I would of love to have read when Fatty was older and joined Inspector Jenks.

    9. "What's happening now? How is it something always happens when that fat boy is about?", he grunts. "Pooh, what a smell of mint. One of these days, Master Frederick Trotteville, I'll get the better of you! You see if I don't!"I always get nostalgic when I readMs. Blyton'sbooks. Her books make me transcend into my childhood days and the beautiful, fragrant memories I grew up with. I remember, I used to sit outside on the cot during winter holidays and read her books. Sadly, here in India, I am una [...]

    10. agak bingung baca cover belakang edisi iniditulis "Saksikan bagaimana tujuh anak plus dua anjing memecahkan misteri yang luar biasa itu!"tapi kalo dihitung cuma ada enam anak (Fatty, Pip, Bets, Larry, Daisy & Ern) plus dua anjing (Buster & Bingo). yang satu anak lagi ke mana?anywayceritanya terlalu terfokus pada Fatty dan sedikit Ern. anak-anak yang lain ngapain ya? cuma figuran? apa cuma nemenin Fatty naek sepeda? heheheanapun, ini buku kenangan masa kecilman di mana kalau mau baca buku [...]

    11. 3 starsThe last book in the series written by Enid Blyton,The Five Find-Outers and Dog.I had always loved reading these books by Enid Blyton but this last book did not reach my expectations.I had assumed that the author would give us an amazing conclusion to the series but unfortunately,that did not happen.Anyways,goodbye the Five Find-Outers and Dog!

    12. A nice book but was of lower standard than the fine normal standard enid blyton has.I would recommend this book to 10-12 year olds.It does not have the same gripping action as the hardy boys has but it has more of thinking and new tricks in it.

    13. Whenever you get bored or out of books 'ENID BLYTON' is the best author to keep ourselves thrilled no matter how old you might be but you just cant stop reading,loving the 'FIVE FIND-OUTERS AND THE DOG."AS USUAL FATTY IS AT HIS BEST.

    14. This seems more like an extremely watered down Famous Five adventure than a Find-Outers mystery. The characterisation is poor, the pace is too slow and the plot is weak. As with other Blyton books from the '60s, this one is inglorious, verging on unreadable.

    15. Why are there 'Famous Five' but also 'Five Find-Outers'? Hell I don't even remember this series being called the 'Find-outers' when I first read it. I iz confused.

    16. It was one of the first fiction novels series I read but not as good as the other five- find outer books

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