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If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love

  • Title: If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love
  • Author: Rachel Swirsky
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If You Were a Dinosaur My Love If You Were a Dinosaur My Love is a short story by Rachel Swirsky It was first published in Apex Magazine in

    If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love is a short story by Rachel Swirsky It was first published in Apex Magazine in 2013.

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    1. this is a 3.5 stars, because it balances out my two readings of it's a perfectly good story on the first reading: it's engaging, it inspires emotions, it sets up an unusual situation and brings the reader trippingly along on the journey, hypnotized by its nursery-rhyme cadence. i finished it and i thought, "huh. i liked that just fine - why all the low ratings on here?"so i put on my dora the explorer hat and oh. more of this old battle over awards and genre-specificity and sad puppies. if you'r [...]

    2. Thank you Althea Ann for introducing me to this short work and to Apex Magazine.Poignant, meditative, thought provoking - Rachel Swirsky playfully draws the reader in and then opens the door to sorrow and regret. The narrator is grasping for meaning in a situation that is senseless and without redemption. Brief, poetic and powerful.

    3. While it's true that it isn't SF, that's not why I give it 1 star. It's simply a brutally racist hate-piece. Oh, it's racist against white rednecks who presumably marry their own sisters, so it's OK. Not.

    4. I just can't I have no words. Best I can do is give it the award winning Nebula, Hugo nominated ONE STAR it deserves.

    5. Well it was shorter than most blog posts. Is it a story? Is it poetry? Is it a word picture? Rambling thoughts?Disappointingly, it doesn't strongly present as any of these. It's too short to be a story, too ugly to be poetry, too disjointed to be a word picture, too deliberate to be stream-of-consciousness. What exactly is it?There was no pining for what was missed, no harkening to the beauty or love that was lost. Only empty wishes and violence: the very thing that took him away. And for what r [...]

    6. Redefines the notion of 'speculative fiction' as 'heroic hypothetical'. I wish there was more story to it, and if we're being honest it's probably not 5 stars but I believe in affirmative action.

    7. This is a pretty good exercise in Bathos, but it is clear that this was not the intent of the writing.There are good, unserious stories, where the writer winks from behind the page. This is not one of them. Indeed, it's not even a story, per se, much less Speculative Fiction (it won an award for the latter). If You Were A Dinosaur, My Love tries to be very, very, very serious and very, very, very emotional, but it's clumsy love song with murder-fantasy tacked on.The first few paragraphs seem to [...]

    8. I thank Althea Ann for her review that introduce me to this work.It is a poetic short story with poetic style that gripped me into the story. And without long over flowery words, the story showed me a shattered happiness and wishful thinking.Despite the Hugo Nominee and Nebula Award, I suggest not to expect a science fiction or even a fantasy story. It is a beautifully written story, but the fantasy elements are just metaphors in my opinion.

    9. This is a remarkably disturbing work, seemingly patterned using the structure of the Preschooler's story "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Disturbing for it furthering a bigoted stereotype of the working class ("five blustering men soaked in gin and malice" at a pool hall) as people who readily inflict thoughtless violence against anybody different from them. Disturbing for its attempt to paint revenge fantasy in a positive light. But most of all, disturbing for relaying images that are, to put it [...]

    10. I read this story just after the 2014 Hugo awards because I'd read the accusations being thrown around on both sides and wanted to make my own mind up about what was going on. The SPs held it up as an example of a story that was only nominated for the Hugos (and given a Nebula) because of politics, whereas the anti-SPs claimed it was an example of a brilliant story that the SPs hated for political reasons.My initial reaction was one of being completely underwhelmed. The characterisation (such as [...]

    11. A new Kyle Murchison Booth story. Monette fans will be delighted to be granted another encounter with her archivist. (See The Bone Key for more /book/show/2) Here, when called upon to catalog a rather disappointing collection of 19th-century literature, Booth has an uncomfortable (and unexpected) encounter with family curses and the paranormal.Merged review:A poetic, short piece utilizing a thought-association format to gradually reveal a tragic scenario.This was a Hugo-nominated piece (we read [...]

    12. How did SF/speculative fiction fall this low?I read this because of the fuss it caused and I wish I hadn't. The SF of my youth is long gone and been replaced with dreadful message fiction written by charlatans.I don't mind eccentric or different if it's done with talent and skill. This isn't. It's just poorly-written fan fiction elevated to prominence by a political clique.

    13. Read this one during a bus ride.Title was enough to make me laugh. Without thinking much about its genre, I read and enjoyed it.Poetic and marvelous.

    14. You can read it here for free, but it isn't worth it: apex-magazine/if-you-wI've read some good short stories about Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But this isn't one. It's not even Sci-Fi or Fantasy. The 3 Sci-Fi/Fantasy awards that it won are not a sign that it's a good story. They're a sign that the Hugo awards et al. have been taken over by people who understand nothing about Sci-Fi and Fantasy, don't care about the readers, and are trying to push a political agenda.The story is like a picture book, with [...]

    15. If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love sounds like something you might say to your lover when it's 2 am and you're feeling whimsical or half sleepy (I tend to spew the soppiest shit when I'm half asleep) or high/drunk. It was sweet and emotive but I can see what the bashingapalooza was all about and while the story is lovely, it doesn't have a sci-fi element. Oh, well.

    16. How did something without a story win the Nebula for best short story? There's a reason the readership of SFF has been shrinking, and it's thinking that gives this work awards. A needy, whiny work, there is nothing to comprehend here, nevermind see. Please, move along for sanity's sake.

    17. I'm not going to rate this, because sometimes if you give a bad rating to the wrong person, they'll have you removed from . I know they can't ban everyone who didn't like this poem, because that would be everyone, but still, I won't take the chance.Now, you might think I'm some kind of cruel weirdo for posting a negative review about some little girl's poetry. Not at all. There are plenty of tweens who dream of growing up to be writers, and most of them end up doing something less productive, li [...]

    18. If this was supposed to be a whimsical rip off of Kipling's epic If, I didn't get it.Didn't like it, but I'll give it 2 stars since it only take a few minutes to digest. And hey, it was free to read, so that's a plus.

    19. This is my first story by the author, and I'm at a loss here. I'm trying to search for adequate words that could explain how touched I was by this little piece of writing. I feel like saying this is witty, funny, and has a level of emotional depth that can only be understood when you reach the end of the story. I have already said these things in simple words, but I don't think it does justice to the story. This review clearly fails to explain how I felt after reading the story. I'm grasping for [...]

    20. Read this from the Hugo package. Still can't believe that a publisher put this in print, let alone that it was award worthy. Don't waste your time.

    21. Seriously? The only people "soaked in gin and malice" these days are angry homosexuals, not knuckle-dragging dudes in a pool hall.3 problems with this work:1. This is not speculative fiction. Thus, it is inaccurate in the extreme for the story to be awarded a Nebula and nominated for a Hugo.2. The quality is what one would expect of a grade school student venturing into creative writing for the first time. (Think Ralphie's breathless essay on the Red Ryder air rifle in the movie "A Christmas Sto [...]

    22. This piece got a lot of attention after its Hugo and Nebula nominations. Those awards are for the best science-fiction/fantasy stories in a given year, according to WorldCon and the WSFA, respectively. The difficulty in this case is that IYWAD,ML is neither science-fiction, nor fantasy, nor a story. It's a brief prose poem about a woman whose fiancee was beaten to death by generic bigots who hurled out generic insults. The emotion of grief carries through strongly, but everything else is gibberi [...]

    23. Hugo Awards were handed out last night, with the fandom community triumphing over politicking puppies. This story was nominated for last year's and was cited by pups as why SF/F is apparently in decline, so naturally it has to be a good one, right?While it's on the border of being defined as speculative fiction, I do think it's a beautifully composed work, using science fiction as a medium for the narrator to work through a painful event.

    24. A short work that was foolishly nominated for an award it did not qualify for as it is neither science nor fiction. What is most odd is that the author ends up attacking the (fictional?) fiancé for the same reason the gin soaked straw men do. Which makes it strangely self-loathing.

    25. I, uh. What?I didn't really get it, maybe I read it too fast.At the same time, I don't understand the utter hatred it gets I'm so confused.

    26. A super short story with a twist that pulls together some somber strings related to intolerence and violence against the "other." The story is tightly written, doesn't overstay it's welcome, and quickly insinuates its way into your conscience. I suspect that's why all the reward committees picked up on it. You can read this in several minutes, and for free, here: apex-magazine/if-you-w

    27. Beautiful and very sad. Swirsky just wrote 5 pages and won Nebula Award for short story. That's totally something.

    28. Not science fiction, but very well written. An interesting story, and a quick read. It's not something I'd like to see "catch on", as this works partially because it's quite unique.

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