- By Natasha Preston

The Cellar

  • Title: The Cellar
  • Author: Natasha Preston
  • ISBN: 9781492600978
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Cellar Nothing ever happens in the town of Long Thorpe that is until sixteen year old Summer Robinson disappears without a trace No family or police investigation can track her down Spending months inside t

    Nothing ever happens in the town of Long Thorpe that is, until sixteen year old Summer Robinson disappears without a trace No family or police investigation can track her down Spending months inside the cellar of her kidnapper with several other girls, Summer learns of Colin s abusive past, and his thoughts of his victims being his family his perfect, pure flowers ButNothing ever happens in the town of Long Thorpe that is, until sixteen year old Summer Robinson disappears without a trace No family or police investigation can track her down Spending months inside the cellar of her kidnapper with several other girls, Summer learns of Colin s abusive past, and his thoughts of his victims being his family his perfect, pure flowers But flowers can t survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out.

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    1. Good Evening, Flowers.And welcome to my review. It will grab you drag you. throw you into a very non-cliche white van rename you. and turn you into my flower mwahaha! But don't you dare pollenate, because pollenating is for sluts. He's a maaaaaniac, maaaaniac!*dramatic pause*Let me begin by saying that I am quite possibly the biggest crime show freak to ever exist in this world. When I'm not watching Ina Garten, you will find me cuddled under the blankets watching a Criminal Minds marathon or La [...]

    2. So, so, so, so badA: apparently Booklist recommended this to fans of LIVING DEAD GIRL? Oh hell no. That book was fantastic, and this one makes a mockery of the subject matter. This is a ridiculous sham of a thriller (pervert bad! He has mommy issues! He must kill! He must keep all the pretty flowers/girls in his basement!) and has neither the intellectual nor the emotional capacity to explore the psychology of captor or captive, let alone make you feel anything for either. And the writing is awf [...]

    3. Por fin.Por fin he podido leer un libro. Y me alegro de que no haya sido uno cualquiera. He conseguido leer El sótano prácticamente de una sentada, en cuestión de horas. La manera de narrar de Natasha Preston ha conseguido que la historia no se me hiciera cuesta arriba en ningún momento.El hecho de que tengamos un ambiente asfixiante como lo puede ser un sótano con cuatro chicas y un secuestrador al que se le va bastante la cabeza puede parecer de primeras algo que cansa pero Natasha lo sab [...]

    4. Okay I really need to get this out, so I just will. WARNING-I WILL BE COMPLETELY DESTROYING AND TEARING APART THIS BOOK. PLEASE DON'T THINK I AM INSULTING YOU IF I SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE. Alrighty, shall we begin?We are introduced to Summer (AKA a 16 year old girl who cries nonstop, is completely incapable of thinking logically and is very very very annoying). To say the least I found Summer to be a very weak character. These are things she did throughout the novel. 1y2y again3y even though the [...]

    5. Almost as disturbing and heartbreaking as Elizabeth Scott's Living Dead Girl, The Cellar tells a story of kidnapping, abuse, murder and mental illness. A gut-wrenching and emotionally affecting story of desperation and fear, but also hope and survival. It's a well-written, completely absorbing nail-biter of a book, and I'm really glad I decided to pick it up! Told in three alternating voices, The Cellar kicks-off with the kidnapping of 16-year-old Summer Robinson. Taken by a stranger, forced to [...]

    6. Have you ever been so engrossed in a book, so terrified by the words you were reading that you couldn't put it down, no matter how many feelings you were being hit with? The Cellar has me feeling just like this throughout the entire freaking book! I almost feel guilty saying I enjoyed this book, as it left me feeling so emotionally wrong. After the last page commenced I just sat there, staring off into space lost in my thoughts. The story the Preston composed has me feeling the entire rainbow of [...]

    7. What I LikedThe best part about The Cellar is its potential. The premise is fascinating and the reason I picked up the book to read in the first place. Four pretty girls held captive in a basement, named after flowers. The thrill of a kidnapping and hopeful escape. What I Didn't LikeThe writing in this book simply isn't up to par. There is almost no descriptive language. At the end of The Cellar, I sat and stared at the last page, thinking, "What did Poppy even look like? For that matter, what d [...]

    8. Una gran decepción. Y no voy a marcar ningún spoiler, no lo necesita, es predecible. Creo que el problema principal con este libro fue lo repetitivo que se me hizo. Todo el rato era: Buenos días, Flores; buenas noches, Flores. La autora podía sacar provecho de la idea inicial, y hacer del secuestrador un buen personaje, pero lo llevó por mal rumbo. Muy mal desarrollado.No me convenció lo que se explicó del pasado de Clover. Quedaron, a mi parecer, demasiados cabos sueltos. No dicen por qu [...]

    9. I read this book in wattpad a few times ago.Yeah,and it sucked.It still does.I thought to give it a chance again ,but :I got disappointedn !!P.s:The cover is cool !!

    10. Una historia de secuestro y locura.En esta novela nos encontramos con Summer, una chica de 16 años que tiene la mala suerte de cruzarse con Colin, un abogado que no está bien de la cabeza y que lleva una doble vida, la que todos conocen, en la que concurre al trabajo con regularidad y es un buen ciudadano, y la oculta, en la que se hace llamar Clover y es un sádico secuestrador y asesino de mujeres.A lo largo del libro, la protagonista nos irá relatando lo que es vivir encerrada en un sótan [...]

    11. Alrighty, I let this book suck me right in and I just kept turning the pages. It wasn't necessarily the writing, but more I just needed to know what was going to happen to these four girls locked up in the basement. Although I did find it a bit rushed in the end, I would definitely like to read something else by this author.

    12. Ante todo ha sido una lectura ADICTIVA hasta el infinito. Cierto es que no es la mejor novela del género y tiene sus fallos, pero sinceramente me han dado igual porque la he disfrutado muchísimo (si se puede llamar disfrutar a pasarlo mal mientras lo leía, pero espero que entendáis lo que quiero decir). Si hay algo que me ha gustado es que la novela, aunque principalmente está narrada desde Summer, nuestra protagonista, también hay capítulos donde vemos el punto de vista del secuestrador, [...]

    13. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Words where are you?! Get yourself together Brittany! Okay, I really enjoyed this! I have seen so many people who hate it and thought the book was awful. Did it have something's wrong with it? Yes. Like the ending Summer, lily whatever she ended up wanting to be called, all she talked about was how she couldn't wait to get out to see Lewis, but when she finally gets to see him she is scared of him like??? All you talked about through the book was how you want to see him and all [...]

    14. Aşırı iyiydi. Bir günde bitirdim, elimden bırakmak istemedim hiç. Yazar duyguları tam içinizde hissettiriyor. Hatta sonlara doğru her ne kadar beklediğim bir şeyle karşılaşmış dahi olsam “Ama çok yaklaşmışlardı,” diye bağırarak eşimi sarsmışım anın heyecanıyla. 😂😂Sonunu okurken hele çığlıklar atarak “Sonunda sonunda,” diye bağırdığım da doğrudur. Garibim neye uğradığını şaşırdı. 😂 Gözleri kocaman olmuş bana şaşkın şaşkın ba [...]

    15. *Roses are red, Violets are blue, I regret reading this book and so will you!*It’s like the author selected all of the clichés known to man, and blended them all together in one gawd-awful stereotypical smoothie. If you want to read something that has the same storyline but is properly executed read: “The Butterfly Garden” by Dot Hutchison.

    16. I was really looking forward to reading the tense psychological thriller that I thought was "The Cellar". Instead, this was a subpar books filled with too many things to be believed.First, there was no valid reason offered by the author (via her characters) as to why the girls - two, or three, or all four could not team up to overpower Colin (Clover) and rescue themselves. A few times, a character would just tell Summer (aka Lily) people have tried to escape but fail, with tragic consequences. O [...]

    17. I really liked this book and I wanted to give it at least four stars but there were a few things I couldn't get overAm I the only one that found it confusing and weird that physical descriptions weren't given? It barely touched on who was who and briefly went over what their hair color was, even the main character had limited description. It was harder to imagine and connect with these characters and sometimes I got them all confused because I had no face to stick with a name. Why would he stab [...]

    18. This was an okay story, but the main character came across as stupid at times.Summer was not a very bright girl in this story. She was told repeatedly to accept a lift, to not walk alone at night, and to be careful, and she totally ignored everyone. It was like she was asking to be abducted. When she was then kidnapped, she asked totally stupid questions about things, when it was obvious what the answer was! It seemed to take way too long for her to get a clue! (view spoiler)[ when you’ve just [...]

    19. Her name is Summer. She’s fifteen and in love with her boyfriend Lewis and annoyed by her brother and doesn’t like scary movies. But the man who abducts her from the park near her house calls her Lily, and when he locks her in the basement apartment below his house, the three other young women who are already there - Poppy, Rose, and Violet - call her Lily too. Life in the cellar is a grotesque parody of domestic life. Their captor, who calls himself Clover, is pleasant and attentive, compli [...]

    20. I have essentially nothing to say. The Cellar is basically a boring romance disguised as a thriller. Lewis was a boring romantic interest. The writing lacks emotional depth, making it seem boring and annoying. The plot is driven by character stupidity and not much else. The emotions feel incredibly forced. One more note: I hate the way rape is used as a plot device for a terrible romance. Summer's kidnapper rapes her, and it's not analyzed in any way. It's just used to make circumstances more di [...]

    21. I saw this at a store. The title caught my eye and of course the story as well. I was hooked right from the first couple of pages. I like that the story gets going right away. I mean I do like a story slowly building up but also like that the story picks up right away.Anyway, second book, next to You, that I read that had a stalker and books it seems. And I heard nothing about this one.This was a tense, page turning read. The writing was good, though at times, I was wondering who was who. We do [...]

    22. Repetitivo, predecible y mal narrado. Así, como resumen. O seré yo que me he vuelto muy exquisita con respecto a cierto libros. Una decepción de principio a fin. No perdáis el tiempo con él. Hay miles de thrillers, de los de verdad digo eh?, infinitamente mejores que este.

    23. “They were as pure as flowers.” The Cellaris basically mindless, somewhat entertaining trash. I mean I didn't hate it but it was problematic and I probably won't remember it in a week. TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault, and Physical Assault. The book is fairly violent - there are no intensely graphic rape scenes, mostly implied. There is a lot of physical violence against women though. This review will contain a few spoilers so I would not recommend going any further if you have not read the b [...]

    24. 2.5 Stars(Shrugging shoulders) I couldn't really get into this story. The feels just weren't there for me. Mostly, I kept reading to find out if or when the 4 girls escaped the psycho. I didn't feel the rage I would usually feel about the kidnapper, I just felt he was crazy and weird. Summer, or Lily, didn't invoke much in me. I felt bad for her, but not much beyond that. My favorite character was Summer's boyfriend, Lewis, because he would not stop hoping she was still alive and he went out and [...]

    25. Reseña completa en: elcaosliterario.eDesde el primer momento me llamó la atención la sinopsis del libro. Por alguna extraña razón me gustan los libros en los que algún personaje (o varios) permanecen encerrados o privados de libertad en algún lugar. Las artimañas para intentar escapar y los motivos por lo que se encuentran allí, me parecen muy atrayentes en un thriller.Lo que os puedo decir es que este thriller cumple su cometido y entretiene, genera tensión y sufres con las chicas sec [...]

    26. “They were as pure as flowers.”This was a true horror story - the story of Summer's late night abduction and her storage in a house with 3 other women. They try to survive and hide around the man who's held them. He names them flowers, demanding they shake off who they were and become who they wants them to be.Rose, Poppy, Violet andw Lily. But Lily is younger than the others and her nationwide manhunt is pushing their captor to the brink. But if he can't hold it together, will they die down [...]

    27. Check out YA Book QUeens for more reviews!NOTE: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I remember this book when it was on Wattpad. I have to admit that I never read it, but my friend did, and she said that it was scary as hell and that I shouldn't read it in the dark at night time. Because of this, I expected something way more scary than what I got. Yes, The Cellar is creepy on many levels, but it wasn't downright scary. It didn't [...]

    28. Loved, loved, loved this book. Every woman and girls nightmare. Had be gripping the pages from beginning to end.

    29. The Cellar. Oh god, where do I begin.This book has some of the poorest writing I have ever been in contact with. And I read Twilight. I learned in 6th grade writing to vary sentence structure and show not tell, but apparently this author never learned that.Summer is one of the most flimsy YA protagonists I have ever come across. She dealt with most of her problems by crying, taking a shower, crying, taking a shower, and crying. Granted, she didn't have many options, but for eight months? If I re [...]

    30. Cheesy, ("good evening, flowers"), drawn out and boring. Yes, that's right, I said boring. How an author could take such a terrifying plot idea and make it lame is beyond me. In fact it's actually kind of impressive in its own wayThere was way too much back story, most of which i skipped right over, all of which I didn't care about or feel it necessary. It was semi-interesting to learn more about Clover/Colins past but even then I felt it was skimmed over and not elaborated on enough.(view spoil [...]

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