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Post-Human Series Books 1-4

  • Title: Post-Human Series Books 1-4
  • Author: DavidSimpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Post Human Series Books This collection of the first books of the Post Human Series tells the epic and fast paced story of the future of humanity and the extraordinary benefits and profound dangers of powerful artificial i

    This collection of the first 4 books of the Post Human Series tells the epic and fast paced story of the future of humanity and the extraordinary benefits and profound dangers of powerful artificial intelligence Contains Sub Human Post Human Trans Human Human Plus

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    1. All four books of this collection are pretty much generic and cheap fodder for the sci-fi omnivore and the further you progress in the series the more it becomes impossible to shake the feeling that this stuff has been hastly thrown together for a quick buck. Throughout all of the four installments Post-Human's protagonists remain one-dimensional, wooden and shallow clichés whose actions are as predictable as author David Simpson's seemingly limited vocabulary. I must admit I quickly lost count [...]

    2. Based on the glowing reviews I'd seen, I bought an ebook omnibus containing the four novels that make up David Simpson's "Post-Human" series, which explores what happens when AI becomes real.I didn't make it through the first book, "Sub-Human"."Sub-Human" is packed with informed ideas about AI and its consequences. It has action on every page. The plot is very fast paced. It would make a great comic (Graphic Novel if that makes you feel more grown-up) or a TV series.As a novel, it is so under-wr [...]

    3. Some good yarns, but I couldn't quite suspend my disbelief, due to some of the 'science' and the lack of plausibility in many of the character interactions. Just a few examples:Dr. Craig Emilson, ambitious Special Forces physician, turns into an amiable, fatherly fellow who nearly everyone calls 'Old-timer'? Never 'Doctor Emilson', rarely 'Craig', but 'Old-timer'! I'd have whipped some of those kids' butts for that!Nothing can exceed the speed of light, until a book and a half later when the aut [...]

    4. I actually only read 1-3. I couldn't commit to one more. The characters were amazingly boring. The plot was both slow and plodding, then with bursts of kind of boring action that followed suit in all three books. I'm glad the character I thought was the main character wasn't because he was immensely boring to read. Not that the actual "Main" character was any better. Add that characters go from strong and passionate about their story to 5th level characters with little actual personality. One si [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this four book bundle. Set in the future, it's a clever mix of technology interwoven with a great plot. The books centre on the development of AI showing both the potential capabilities as well as the negative possibilities which could arise.I loved the sheer randomness of the first book, books two and three follow the same characters as they fight to save earth and book four is totally different. When I started reading the fourth book, I had to check a couple of times that my K [...]

    6. I've read 80% of the book (3 of the four included) and just started the last book. I may not finish. Everytime something happens, a solution comes in the nick of time. Death isn't final. It feels like some of the 'made up stories' I made as a kid with magic endings so that no one had to pay a price for a misstep. Also, the protagonist is always the smartest man on earth. For me, it is getting tiresome. If I had purchased the books separately instead of a single unit, I would have finished one an [...]

    7. Interesting concepts, and enjoyable read. I read it because it was really cheap on Kindle, and kept my interest.

    8. The Post-Human book series of 4 books is really a (at this time) a four book set. I am choosing to offer my review on the first 4 book set since I think that better serves the reader.The first book in the series was really written as the third book. It is a prequel which introduces the characters, primarily the old-timer. I found this book pretty essential in understanding the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it a 5 star rating.The second and third books are much different from th [...]

    9. Having just read the Post-Human series books 1-4, I need a moment to collect my collective thoughts before I continue my review Whew now I feel better! What I liked about the series: Imaginative, realistic 'future' tech, and a story-line that kept surprising me. Several times I thought a had a bead on where the plot headed, but the twists alternated between "What the hell" and "That's even better". Overall, the story kept me engaged and invested in reading to the end. Many of the characters were [...]

    10. Technically I have only read three out of the four, but as it seems to have been a Trilogy at one time I'm not bothered!The tale is a rambling space opera, showing the evolution of the human race from one or two special people up through a major cataclysm to an ultimate metamorphosis. There are times when influences can be seen, especially the Borg from Star Trek in the third book, complete with a collective and assimilation of others.Throughout this yarn several people - -major characters - die [...]

    11. I just finished Sub-Human and all I can say is WHOA. A quote from the book sums it up nicely, "The boundary between magic and science had blurred until it was unrecognizable.To write this kind book, (my favorite kind of sci-fi), the author had to have researched extensively in various areas of science and technology. He pulled it off flawlessly. It is completely believable with enough scientific fact to back up the fiction that there is no need to suspend belief at any point.I'm moving on to boo [...]

    12. Well written and imaginativeSolid writing and editing is always a huge plus, and Mr. Simpson delivers. The storyline is action-packed, Imaginative, and futuristic. Overall, the series thus far is an excellent addition to the sci-fi genre. The books are shorter than I prefer, but reading them in this grouping all at once alleviates some of the chagrin that might have otherwise left me feeling strung along.

    13. I enjoyed book 4, but the other 3 were hard to get into. Craig/Old Timer seemed to have forgotten everything that has happened to him from Book 1, and the way the Post-Humans react to the Purists was absurd. It was maybe 100 years since the divide and the Post-Humans act like it was eons. I don't know if I will continue to Book 5.

    14. It started off so very well with book one. But book two was so cliche it made my stop reading it. Very disappointing.

    15. I really enjoyed the concepts in this series, about the evolution of humans to a new life-form. Simpson theorizes about the next steps in human development in a very logical, believable progression, like all the best sci-fi does. When I got to the last book, "Human Plus," I was a bit confused because the story seemed to be a complete departure from the first three. The style of the writing even seemed to change. I was not very pleased with this departure, but I figured it would have to come back [...]

    16. I judge my science fiction based upon a modified version of the Baen criteria, and for this one I was looking at is the technology something I can understand, is the storyline plausible (especially in light of the technology), and was it an overall good read. I think Mr. Simpson hits it on those fronts, and he must have done a pretty good job as I have thought about these books for several times after reading it - considering the number of books I read on a monthly basis, that is impressive (to [...]

    17. AlmostThe concept, evolution via connection to humans through super advanced computers was ingenious. However, the "Groundhog Day" manipulation was confusing. Instead of reading a single story, it felt as if I was reading a collection of short stories with the same general subject.Good stories, but disconnected.If the last story had been first, for me the premise would have been established. Each subsequent story have followed logically.Otherwise, I enjoyed the collection very much. The writing [...]

    18. I found myself pulled into the story more as the various books were read. Initially I wasn’t pulled in quickly but I stuck with the stories and found myself enjoying the characters. The story is definitely sci fi and alt universe. There are weaknesses apparent that are answered later in the series. I recommend sticking with them through the end or you’ll miss some great story lines and revelations.

    19. IT IS ABOUT TIMEI've waited a long time to find a series of fascinating Syfy books, for some reason very little has interested me in recent years. These are beautifully put together, nothing drags, the ideas are interesting but not so that you have to think very very hard while enjoying yourself! I see that there are a few more that I have missed, and I will be getting them.

    20. The first book was interesting. The second mediocre. The third I really struggled with, and eventually gave up on. Interesting premise, but the ideas put forth in the third book were just too convenient, and badly explained.

    21. Exciting and Well WrittenI definitely enjoyed these books, especially how they were all interwoven. There's a lot of action to keep you reading, and plenty of plot twists. Overall an easy and enjoyable read.

    22. Love the technologyThis series has detailed yet understandable theories about how technology, how it could change us, and how we may come to change our definition of human. Fascinating technology,great story, and unexpected twists and turns.

    23. Intriguing series. Definitely unlike any of the books I normally read, but I enjoyed the series and found the twists and turns of the plots interesting, even if I did skip over some of the mental acrobatics required to follow several of the theories presented within.

    24. Meh. This book is really trying too hard. Got to the end of Book 1 on the hopes that maybe one of the non-stop plot twists would lead the book somewhere interesting, but I just don't care about the characters or the world they live in.

    25. Great series with lots of cool concepts!Very cutting edge concepts and engaging characters. Well thought out possibilities of what the future could hold and what kind of issues technology will present us with. A great read!

    26. Interesting readIt gets really slow toward the end with the introduction of Kali. Up until then I had to force myself to stop so I could sleep.

    27. The 1st book in the omnibus edition was pretty good. I got through about half of the 2nd (or more), but just couldn't finish it.

    28. Good readA very good read. Read all of the books and found them very good and would recommend them to anyone as escapism literature

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