- By Charlie Jane Anders

Tous les oiseaux du ciel

  • Title: Tous les oiseaux du ciel
  • Author: Charlie Jane Anders
  • ISBN: 2290150630
  • Page: 464
  • Format: broch
  • Tous les oiseaux du ciel Patricia Delfine sorci re philanthrope qui parle le langage des animaux et Laurence Armstead g nie de l informatique qui d teste qu on l appelle Larry taient faits pour se rencontrer Tous deux son

    Patricia Delfine, sorci re philanthrope qui parle le langage des animaux, et Laurence Armstead, g nie de l informatique qui d teste qu on l appelle Larry, taient faits pour se rencontrer Tous deux sont des parias, incompris de leurs familles et m pris s par la soci t , mais l un comme l autre sont appel s conna tre un destin exceptionnel Alors que la fin du monde approche, ils vont devenir leur corps d fendant les champions d un conflit qui les d passe et dont d pend le sort de l humanit A moins que le lien ind fectible qui les unit ne porte en lui les cl s d une troisi me voie

    1 thought on “Tous les oiseaux du ciel

    1. Une très bonne surprise pr ce premier auteur. La fin est rapide mais le roman grouille de très bonnes idées !

    2. I expected to like "All the Birds in the Sky" more than I did. It's a good book, but it's not great.I found the book uneven, and I couldn't figure out of the author intended it as comedy, allegory or drama. If she had stuck with a tone somewhere in the middle, the book would have worked better, but to me, it seems the book seesaws through scenarios intended to be humorous to ones intended to represent current trends in tech to serious and dramatic events. (I mean, how seriously can you take a bo [...]

    3. The premise of this delightful fantasy is that at some point, science and magic have to come together to make sense. Not just to make sense of the world, but to save it. Laurence is the techie, an engineering nerd, who at the start of his teens invents a watch that serves as a two-second time machine: twist the dial and you're moved, instanter, two seconds forward in time. It's not the most useful invention in the world but if a bully is about to punch you in the nose, it has its moments. Patri [...]

    4. This is a writer who has served time in one of the genre’s best known “madhouses”, the blog io9, (actually being its chief warden) and has probably consumed most science fiction and fantasy in her life than an O2 Arena full of SF fans. So, her work “All the birds in the sky” (second novel out of eleven Hugo nominations in the last two years, where a human discusses with cats in… Cat language), has to be reviewed at least fairly, deserving more than the 5-star “you rock” or the 1- [...]

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