- By Maryann Jordan


  • Title: Tony
  • Author: Maryann Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tony Alvarez Security Agency Former Special Forces brother in arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland Tony Alvarez former Special Forces Captain no

    Alvarez Security Agency Former Special Forces brother in arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland Tony Alvarez, former Special Forces Captain, now owns his own security agency Once destroyed by loss and grief, his business is his life Working to keep others safe, he safeguards his heart as well Until he met her ShAlvarez Security Agency Former Special Forces brother in arms now working together to provide an elite security service in the southern city of Richland Tony Alvarez, former Special Forces Captain, now owns his own security agency Once destroyed by loss and grief, his business is his life Working to keep others safe, he safeguards his heart as well Until he met her Sherrie Mullins had been rescued by Tony a year earlier as part of a mission But to her he was the prince she had always wanted A paralegal and CASA worker with a penchant for getting into trouble when helping others, she would need his rescuing than once Tony had to prove to Sherrie that she was than a mission to him to win the beautiful woman s trust Determined to not lose another love he calls upon his brothers, Alvarez Security, to save her when her investigations threaten her safety Due to scenes of an explicit sexual nature and language that some consider crude, please be warned for 18 only If you do not like alphas with heart who fall instantly in love with strong female characters while dealing with real life issues.n be warned

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    1. Basic InfoStandalone or Part of a Series: (view spoiler)[Part of a series, but can be read as a Standalone (hide spoiler)]MF, Ménage, etc.:(view spoiler)[M/F (hide spoiler)]POV:(view spoiler)[Multiple POV (hide spoiler)]Triggers: (view spoiler)[Five years previous to the story, as is shown in prologue, H had a wife and baby who were killed in a car accident. Sherrie was physically assaulted and threatened. The is also descriptive abuse and situations that are rape in my mind. None of them invol [...]

    2. Once Tony woke up and gave life a 2nd chance I really fell hard for him. Sherry was very insecure in the beginning but thankfully she grew to accept Tonys love. I adore all the friends and how everyone is right there when needed. Sweetest epilogue ever

    3. I loved writing this book. Two people, destined to be together, fight their feelings. Tony Alvarez is the owner of Alvarez Security but he is the second book in the series. Tony and Sherrie needed time for their story to unfold. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

    4. Ok read. I liked first half of this book when H was struggling for his feelings to h and overcame his sad past, and I liked to read how he and h became closer.However, I gradually lost interest of the last half part because this book's focus turned to h's work case and some of H's cases. I knew a good book needed sth more than H and h's relationship, but I just felt that when H and h declared their love to each other already, this story seemed have no need to keep going. Besides, the case itself [...]

    5. SOME SPOILERSI usually avoid books where the H/h have a deceased love but a fellow friend (Gp - I'm looking at you ;)) stated in her review that it didn't seem as thought he was still in love but moreso was scared to move on because of his fear of losing again.The ex was mentioned a few times but it wasn't overbearing so it didn't seem as though hero was settling so the deceased wife didn't bother me too much. I enjoyed the first half of the book when the couple aren't yet together but clearly [...]

    6. I felt so bad for tony, losing both his wife and child. I was happy he found love again took him a year to get his head out of his ass.

    7. Great # 2 in this series (I do recommend reading # 1 first to fully appreciate everything going on).Tony is the owner of Alvarez Security and the leader among his group of Alpha friends.His story is tragic and literally makes you cry when you read it and everything that came to pass with it.Sherrie is a great heroine who is smart, funny and unfortunately related to trouble that follows her around.Tony is (from book 1) immediately drawn to the h and apparently they had met in a period of time tha [...]

    8. Tony is such a strong, confident man yet he is hiding from life after his heart is crushed. It was a joy getting to experience the true depth of emotion that Tony maintained, we know him as this tough military guy that keeps emotion out of his missions and is very focused and driven. When he rescues Sherrie, she puts a crack in the walls he's maintained to hide from life. As he tries to stay away we get inside his head to learn what happened to make him avoid love and happiness which is pretty h [...]

    9. This was an absolutely amazing book! I love that Maryann's books are all connected together. They are a real joy to read.Tony has a past that he has not been able to let go of for years. Because of his past he has been unable to love a woman he has wanted for a year. He continually fights his attraction to her.Sherrie had to grow up fast. Her sister was all she had left and she felt she had to do anything to help her. Because of this she meets the man of her dreams. But he keeps her at arms leng [...]

    10. 5 stars!Favorite quotes:"I've waited forever for someone like you. No, not like you. Just you.""He watched her smile and felt the piercing in his chest once again. Right over his heart""Leaning back, their gazes locked as words went unspoken. Words of grief relieved. Words of healing hearts. Words of futures promised. Unnecessary words only because they both knew them in their hearts.""Jesus, fuck. She's truly mine""Sighing, he continued. 'I don't wannna just exist anymore. You make me want tofe [...]

    11. Another amazing story by MaryAnn Jordan. I was excited to read Tony's story. Tony is a gorgeous alpha male who runs a security business and he met Sherrie after he had to rescue her. Sherrie keeps finding herself in situations that require rescuing and Tony is the one to save her. They have a lot of chemistry but can he get let go of the past to move on to have a future with Sherrie. This is a beautiful love story with some suspense and mystery. It was one of those books that I didn't want to pu [...]

    12. I was given an arc from the author gor an honest reviewFirst thing I have been waiting for a while now to read about Tony Alvarez's story. Now I am in love with it Maryann Jordan did an amazing job writing this story so much emotion and love it was well written and i like how you could feel the love or the pain thw characters were feeling just by reading it. its a great book so far its my favorite of the Alvarez Secruity series I think I just found my new book boyfriend my new favorite alpha.

    13. I loved this book and loved that all Maryann's books are connected together. Beautiful story of second chance. Can't wait for more of this series.

    14. Okay, I was waiting for Tony's book for a long time. I met Tony back when I read the series that follows this one (I wish I had not read them out of order) and then again in the earlier series. It feels like it took forever to find out his story, but it was worth the wait.Tony and Sherrie met back in Love's Trusting, when the team had to save Suzanne. Sherrie was caught in the crossfires of her sister, desperate to save the girl that was sucked into drugs and chaos. While BJ raced to save Suzann [...]

    15. Have always been intrigued by Tony and now this author has given us the readers some answers with a dynamic romantic suspense that it is woven into. Since this security company has been mentioned before it is always good to know the boss because then you get to know the heart of the company. Let this author take you on his journey as he gets to through the power of love get filled up to the brim by one special lady. It is opened up by one powerful prologue filling us in on his past that will exp [...]

    16. Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may be given a second chance to find your HEA! In this second book in The Alvarez Security Agency Series written by Maryann Jordan, her main character is given that chance! Tony Alvarez served his country as a leader of an elite group of men in the armed service. While serving abroad, his wife and baby daughter were killed in a freak car accident. When Tony left the military, he formed a security agency and employed ma [...]

    17. Book: Tony: Alvarez Security Series (Alvarez Security #2)Author: Maryann JordanPublication Date: 5/31/2015Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW Tony Alvarez is the owner of Alvarez Security Agency. Tony carries in his soul the loss of his wife and daughter. Although it was many years ago he still has not let go. Sherrie is a good friend of Jennifer and some of the other women who are married to Tony’s buddies. He has rescued her two times now. He wants to be near h [...]

    18. I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Second book in the Alvarez Security series. Tony the owner of the Alvarez Security company has watched Sherrie for a year now. Well mostly he just glares at her. Everyone around them knows he is attracted to her. yet he won't take that first step. Sherrie just don't get him. She has wanted him from the first time they met. But nothing is going to happen. She is convinced he doesn't see her that way.I have loved Tony since he wa [...]

    19. This felt like a really long book I thought it was almost finished and then a new arc was added and it kept going. That being said, the author can write. The issues I had with this books were something the editor should have fixed. The storyline was interesting enough and I really liked the characters, but the editing really let this book down. There was a number of superfluous paragraphs that made the book feel longer, but added nothing to the storyline. There were changes in POV that were hard [...]

    20. "I've waited forever for someone like you. No, not like you. Just you."Be still my heart! Poor Tony's own heart is burdened & all but numb with the death of his wife and child. Where as Sherri is a tender heart Paralegal who case works for children services. They have already met once in Gabe's story when he had to save her from her sister He felt the pull but ignored it and now once again she needs a hero! I love how they want each other to take the first step. The build up is great, a swee [...]

    21. I was gifted a copy for an honest review.This is my first book by Maryann Jordan. Tony is an ex-military owner of a security company with a long ago broken heart.Sherrie is a gung ho but naive paralegal and case worker for children services.They met about a year prior to this book when Tony saved her from an unfortunate situation involving her drug addicted sister. He was attracted to her but never made a move and just watched her from afar. Sherrie has had a crush on him since they met as well, [...]

    22. I liked this book better than book 1, but I still had a few problems with it. First, I felt like the writing flowed better with this story, and the dialogue didn't seem as awkward as book 1. I also enjoyed the character development better in this book. However, parts it just didn't feel realistic. I understand that they had been fighting their attraction for each other for over a year, but it just seemed like a switch was flipped and all of a sudden he is thinking about marriage. I did mostly li [...]

    23. Tony Alvarez is one character who will stick with you for some time. Sherrie Mullens needs Tony in her world. When the two come together it is hot hot hot!! Damn, this book kept my attention for most of the day! Great flow, sexy scenes and two characters who were made for each other. Maryann Jordan has done it again! Suspense and great characters. I can't wait for the next one. Highly recommended.

    24. Love these books.Love this story of Tony and Sherrie. Both of them have had terrible losses in the past. Tony's loss keeps him afraid to love again. Sherrie's last loss was recent. They are attracted to each other but Tony is afraid. Once they get together the emotional ups and down are enjoyable. Love the fact that all the other friends are included in this book. Their love is awesome and so is this book. Can't wait for the next one.

    25. Tony and Sherrie are so cuteBoth so afraid to love and they've been dancing around one another for a year. He's afraid of losing love and she is scared she's not good enough for him. But their love has sizzling chemistry and true companionship. Really good writing and very in depth with the storyline!

    26. Another wonderful book by an amazing author. We finally learn what in Tony's past made him so afraid to let others into his world. In this book two scared souls find their other halves. Highly recommend this book if you like strong alpha men with hearts of gold and the strong women who captures the heir hearts.

    27. I'd been waiting for Tony and Sherrie's story since meeting them in Love's Trusting, and Maryann did not disappoint! Excellent read and definitely five stars! Romantic, sweet, steamy and just the right amount of suspense. Overall, this is a really really fantastic book! Every book by Maryann is amazing. Grab one today!

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