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Shine Not Burn

  • Title: Shine Not Burn
  • Author: Elle Casey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shine Not Burn Andie Marks known as Party Girl in her college days is now a whip smart lawyer on the fast track to success Determined to move on from a bad break up she joins her girlfriends for a wild bacheloret

    Andie Marks, known as Party Girl in her college days, is now a whip smart lawyer on the fast track to success Determined to move on from a bad break up, she joins her girlfriends for a wild bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas, promising to let her hair down just this once.Vegas is a blur of cocktails and blackjack, and in the middle of it all she meets Mack, a real life cAndie Marks, known as Party Girl in her college days, is now a whip smart lawyer on the fast track to success Determined to move on from a bad break up, she joins her girlfriends for a wild bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas, promising to let her hair down just this once.Vegas is a blur of cocktails and blackjack, and in the middle of it all she meets Mack, a real life cowboy with a winning hand and an irresistible body They get lucky in the casino and luckier back at the hotel, a hot night of passion that was definitely not part of Andie s life plan.By dawn Mack is gone and all she has to remember their one night romance is a hangover and a pile of casino chips Or so she thinks Revised edition This edition of Shine Not Burn includes editorial revisions.

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    1. 4 Cowboy-licious StarsLight-hearted, sexy, tender, sweet, funny, swoony. All these adjectives describe Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey. I love books that are able to simply take you away and make you laugh and feel. Sometimes you need a book that will be light and fun without any extreme drama or angst. After all, reading is about fun. It is nice to get back to that with books such as this one.Gavin “Mack” Mackenzie:I doubted at this point that I'd be able to string a coherent sentence together [...]

    2. 5 Cowboy up Stars*Some Spoilers*“If you really, really want me to stop touching you, I will. I swear it But if you want me to keep touching you, all you have to do is say please, and it’ll be done. I’ll touch you all night. All you have to do is ask.”OMG OMG OMG I love this Freakin book!!!!!! It is so damn good. OMG I am in yummy cowboy heaven. This is my first time reading a Elle Casey book, and I am now a total fan girl. This is such a funny, sexy, and sweet love story I was swooning a [...]

    3. SQUEE!!! I loved this book and I fell in love with a cowboy! If you're looking for a book that'll make you happy, this is it! 4.5 stars!"Why can't you just let me go?""I can't let you go because you're mine." All it took was the blurb for me to know that I wanted to read this book and from the first few pages I was hooked! It was a total escape from reality. The character made me fall in love, the romance made me swoon, and the witty writing kept me laughing and chuckling the whole way through. [...]

    4. Fun. Cute. Heartwarming. This was a great, light-hearted read. If you're looking for something sweet to read, this is a great choice.Andie goes to Vegas with the girls for a friend's bachelorette party. After a few too many drinks and one night of steamy sex with a handsome stranger, she's on a plane headed back to her real life. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Right? Well, not always. Of course, Andie doesn't realize this until a couple of years later as she's getting ready to get married [...]

    5. Andie Marks is a good girl. She has a "life plan" and knows what she wants out of life. Kids by a certain age, making partner at her law firm, that perfect for her husband, she can have it all. Then one of her best friends is getting married and her bachelor party is in Vegas. Andie doesn't really want to go because she knows her friends will go wild because "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.""They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sometimes the trouble follows you home. Know wha [...]

    6. Shine Not Burn is book one in the Shine Not Burn series by Elle Casey. This is my very first book by Ms. Casey and I am in love. This book was perfection. I need many, many more stars than five to rate this book. It was perfect, sexy, hilarious, did I say sexy? There are plenty of more adjectives I could come up with to describe it’s perfection but let me just tell you about it instead.Andie Marks’s life didn’t start out very well. With a childhood full of abandonment and abuse, she made a [...]

    7. 4.5 COWBOY STARS"Be still my heart," I said, talking to no one, to the wind, to the goddess of love who I was pretty sure had just shot an arrow into my chest cavity." My heart just melted reading this book. I've been missing out on my sweet reads lately so when this book was recommended to me, I had the feeling that 'shine not burn' was going to be just what I needed to fall in love, sit back and enjoy and yes, it delivered on all counts for me, sweet, easy and sexy.What's it all about?Andrea ' [...]

    8. 4.5 Shining Stars!Looking for a LOL funny, sweet, sexy, light and swoony read? Look no further you’ve found it! Andrea- aka Andie- has a ‘life plan’. She has it all figured out. Life plan, the document that laid out the route that would lead me to my goals: independence, safety, and financial success.But one weekend to Vegas with her best friends changes everything and she doesn’t even know it for two yearsTwenty five year old Andie just got dumped via text message on her way to Vegas. [...]

    9. Story Rating ~ 5 StarsHero Rating ~ 5 HUGE StarsHeroine Rating ~ 4 StarsRomance Rating ~ 5 StarsHumor Rating ~ 5 StarsHeat Level ~ 3.5 StarsEnding ~ 5 StarsOverall Rating ~ 5 StarsI REALLY enjoyed reading Shine Not Burn it was a very funny, sexy and such an entertaining read.The humor from page one was off the charts funny, I swear I almost pissed myself I was laughing so hard.The story-line had a good pace and kept my interest the whole time I was reading.My favorite character was Mack. He was [...]

    10. "They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sometimes the trouble follows you home."3.5 StarsWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that's not the case for Andie Marks because just when she was about to get married to her fiancé, she was notified that she's not allowed to wed someone because she's already married to the sexy cowboy named Mack whom she met and had a one-night-stand with two years ago in Las Vegas.Ooops. I really loved the premise of this book. It also started funny wh [...]

    11. 4 **hilarious** STARS“Come on, wife. Come take a little ride with me. Let me show you all the things you'll be missing when you go back East and leave me here with a broken heart.”If you are in the mood for a delicious cowboy If you have a bad day and need some belly laughs. If you want to escape the world for a while and get drunk in Vegas. If you want to go horseback riding and then do some more riding with/the cowboylook no further!This is your book! Period.No seriously. Shine Not Burn is [...]

    12. 4.5 sexy starsIf you want a good laugh and a good story, look no further.I really enjoyed this one. Some real LOL moments. Loved the two main characters."Luceo non uro means I shine, not burn. To me, though, it means that I have a choice. I need to balance the bad with the good, make sure to avoid the things that could burn or scar me but get close enough to the heat that I feel life and really experience it. Until I met you, I'd never really embraced that idea. I walked around my life just bein [...]

    13. 4 Cowboy Stars!!This one of those books that came completely by surprise. I even never heard of it and suddenly I’ve read a great friend review and I gave it a try. Well, thank God for friend’s reviews, this was awesome!! So, this books starts in Las Vegas. In one of her best-friends bachelorette party and is recently out of a relationship with a shitty boyfriend so she does what every girl in her situation does: drink. And then some more. And drink just a little more. And a little more just [...]

    14. For more review and author interview, visit Jacqueline’s Reads6 Shining and Spoiler Free Stars!!!!Shine Not Burn will have you shinning from head to toe with pure joy, excitement, smiles and belly filled of laugher. You do not need to think about your next read because Shine Not Burn NEEDS to be it like NOW!All I wanted was one night of reckless abandon so I could get all this craziness out of my system and go home with a clean slate, ready to kick ass, take names, and get on with my life.[Int [...]

    15. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/is what bwings us together today . . . Well, actually it’s what brings Andie and Mack together today. A couple of years ago Andie attended a bachelorette party with her besties. While she was there her d-bag boyfriend dumped her via text – putting a real kink in the “life plan” she had all laid out for herself. What better way to forget about her troubles then to get completely blottoed and go in search of a possible one-night stand. I mean, what [...]

    16. SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre: Contemporary RomanceShine Not Burn was exactly what I needed! It made laugh and it made me swoon and honestly friends sometimes that is all I need.Could I have sex with this guy? A total stranger who I know nothing about? Who I’ll never see again? Whose name I don’t even know? “My name’s Mack, by the way. What’s yours?” Panic mode, level eight. What is he? A mind reader. Okay, scratch the not-know [...]

    17. 4.5--Laugh Out Loud--Stars!!!For me, this book was a cross between the movies What Happens in Vegas and Sweet Home Alabama. First of all, what happens in Vegas NEVER stays in Vegas. We all know this. When you're doing a lot of this.It's going to lead to a lot of this.And eventually.What do you know, you're MARRIED! To a really HOT cowboy named Mack. Andie had a plan.a lifeplan that was written when she was 15 years old. She had goals to meet, a husband to find and babies to birthl within a certa [...]

    18. What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?Yeah Not So Much!Andie is 25 and had a life planWork had as a lawyer, make partner at the firm, get married and have the 2.05 kids before she's 35Yes that's the plan"Sometimes when our lives are out of control, the only thing that makes us feel secure is to swing in the opposite direction. To control every last detail.”And Andie follows it religiously!When Andy's friend is getting married, they talk her into going with them for the bachelorette party.Reluct [...]

    19. 5 Funny as Hell & sweet "Luceo non uro" stars for meLuceo non uro= Shine not burnOh, my Gosh!!!! I had a real good time reading this bookIt was a wonderfull, tender, sexy, light and funny storyIn some points, i was laughing so hard that it was possible to heard me many people in the next blockYes, in many scenes i freaked out with Addie's control issues and denial I just couldn't accept, how in the hell she could resist to this man This man could be the fantasy of every sane woman!!! I want [...]

    20. SALE $.99 ➜ amzn/1kUi5Lc6/8/2014************************************A cute story that starts out with an invitation to Andie's best friend's bachelorette party. 'Yo, Party Girl! We. Need. You. Be at the airport tomorrow Don't let us down. And remember, you have permission to have fun and forget about your bullsh*t boyfriend PUKE because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.'A friendly piece of advice from the ticket guy~"Just be careful. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but somet [...]

    21. ”Luceo non uro.”Andie is a career driven lawyer who gets pushed into a night in Vegas for her friend’s bachelorette party. Andie is plan oriented due to her past. She sticks to this plan and stays with crappy boyfriends just because they fit her plan. Besides her plan, she is funny and very likable.”You fall in love with potential instead of reality. You are attracted to characteristics on paper instead of the real man underneath.”Gavin ‘Mack’ Mackenzie is one HOT cowboy with a hea [...]

    22. first read: August 30, 2015first reread: December 23-31, 2016I LOVED THIS BOOK. I DON'T THINK I HAVE EVER LAUGHED AS HARD, SO MANY TIMES IN A SINGLE BOOK.This was a beautiful book.Oh my God was it fucking beautiful. I loved it all. ALL OF IT. I loved the storyline, and the writing, and the main characters. I loved her best friends, and I seriously loved his family so much. There were a few sad parts.but this wasjust.a really good, HALLMARK MOVIE WITH AMAZING SEX book. Wow, the sexs please! :)It [...]

    23. 4 Shining Stars!I had a lot of laugh out loud moments when Mack and Andie first met at a blackjack table in Vegas. She trips over her impossibly high heels and spills her drink all over him. When she tries to help him get cleaned up, something rather *cough* large pops up. He excuses himself to the bathroom and he asks her to watch his spot at the table. She either has to play or he loses his spot, and she knows absolutely nothing about blackjack. "No, I don't want you to hit me. Do you want me [...]

    24. 4.5 - "King Dong." Stars!I think you can tell from the level of 5 star reviews just how good this book is. It is my first by this author and there is absolutely no doubt that it won’t be my last.”What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sometimes the trouble follows you home.”It’s not a new storyline by any means but the quality of Elle Casey’s writing, story-telling and characterization in Shine Not Burn is what makes it stand out.The only thing that slightly tarnished the shine for [...]

    25. EDIT: My feisty Jen (Nevada Jen)got this for me for Xmas (LAST YEAR-2014-yes I'm slow like that)!! I need to see why she loves this author so much! (We both realized our tastes have changed and that it wasn't a purchase she'd still make for me today)Okay, so, I didn't love this. And, come on, let's give me a little credit: I may hand out a lot of 4 and 5 stars, but those books aren't ever given a 5 based solely on the boys I so fondly adore. No, they have to earn it by merit, and yes, sometimes [...]

    26. 6 amazing, hilarious, rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off starsThank you jacquelin for starting this book. this goes out to you"Just be careful. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sometimes the trouble follows you home.",/b>I have never laughed so much in my entire reading life then with the book. Where has Elle Casey been hiding? I want to track her down and find out how she came up with half of the witty remarks she has for Kelly, Candice and Andie."I said do you [...]

    27. Four Stars**Possible Spoilers ahead** “You’re my wife,” he said, only inches away, his hot breath flickering over my lips. “You married me in Las Vegas two years ago.”“Yes.”“And I’m your husband.”I nodded, tears slipping out.He gritted his teeth and growled out, “And this is us, consummating our marriage.”♥ Meet Mack, my new cowboy boyfriend ♥**Sigh** I really LOVE Gavin (Mack) MacKenzie. Finding out I was married to him would’ve been fucking awesome. Hold up. Wait. [...]

    28. Hmmm, I wish I could have rated higher but this book reminds of my favourite movie, Sweet Home Alabama! There was too many similarities. But Cowboy Mack is one hot guy, oooo he is really sweet. Both of them are steamy together.Overall, it was: Happy reading D xo

    29. 4.5 Cowboy Stars!Such a fun and sexy read! I loved Elle Casey's Just One Night serial, so I knew I wanted to read this book. It took me a while to finally get to it, but I'm so happy I finally read it.Andie is a successful lawyer. Everything is in order and going according to her life plan. She didn't have the best childhood growing up. As a teen she made a plan that would get her out of that environment and into one that she controlled, was independent and felt safe in. I think we've all heard [...]

    30. Love, love, LOVED this one! Mack is one hot piece of cowboy. And the fact she nicknamed him "King Dong" hurts not one single thing, in my humble opinion. I'm going to try like hell to actually sit my ass down and review this one!

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