- By Melinda Salisbury

Smrtící dotyk

  • Title: Smrtící dotyk
  • Author: Melinda Salisbury
  • ISBN: 9788025325131
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Smrt c dotyk Jsem dokonal zbra M j dotyk je smrt c Twylla je d vka vyvolen bohy Je zosobn n m bo sk dcery a jako takov je zasl ben princi Za svoji v jime nost ale draze plat ka d m s c mus poz t jed a p in st tak

    Jsem dokonal zbra M j dotyk je smrt c Twylla je d vka vyvolen bohy Je zosobn n m bo sk dcery a jako takov je zasl ben princi Za svoji v jime nost ale draze plat ka d m s c mus poz t jed, a p in st tak d kaz o sv m bo sk m postaven Jej dotyk je v ak pro oby ejn ho lov ka smrt c.Twylla proto nen b n m lenem kr lovsk ho dvora Je kr lovninou poprav Jsem dokonal zbra M j dotyk je smrt c Twylla je d vka vyvolen bohy Je zosobn n m bo sk dcery a jako takov je zasl ben princi Za svoji v jime nost ale draze plat ka d m s c mus poz t jed, a p in st tak d kaz o sv m bo sk m postaven Jej dotyk je v ak pro oby ejn ho lov ka smrt c.Twylla proto nen b n m lenem kr lovsk ho dvora Je kr lovninou poprav Ka d m s c nav t vuje v zen a p ikl d sv ruce na ty, kte jsou odsouzeni k smrti ije osam le a izolovan Kdy ale nastoup nov str ce, v e se zm n Spust se koloto dvorsk ch intrik, klad a vra dDok e si d vka spr vn zvolit mezi kr lovsk m snoubencem a p ita liv m, ale oby ejn m smrteln kem Rozhodne se pro povinnost, nebo pro l sku

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    1. Setting: the Yellow Brick RoadDorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion are merrily on their way to Emerald City. Dorothy stops.Dorothy: Do you hear that noise? It sounds like someone's crying! Look over there, that poor book!Everyone stops at the side of the road, there's a book discarded, pages torn out.Dorothy: Oh, no! What happened, book? Why did someone throw you away?!The book is openly sobbing, they can hear the sound of uncontrollable weeping. Its own ink is ruining the [...]

    2. I did it!I did it people,I finally finished it!Woohoo!It took me months.Months.Don't get me wrong,it wasn't that bad.In fact,I had very high expectations and the story seemed very promising,but there were some factors that prevented me from enjoying it (although the second half was way better than the first).1.Do you see this gorgeous cover?With the girl contained in a vial?That is exactly the feeling I got while reading The Sin Eater’s Daughter.I felt claustrophobic,Twylla's life in the first [...]

    3. I love the feeling of absolute enjoyment and surprise from a book that I went in expecting to hate because of the extremely low ratings. The Sin Eater’s Daughter isn't the greatest book to exist and has its flaws, but it isn't necessarily horrible either. MAJOR UNMARKED SPOILERS BECAUSE I NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT IT.GOOD THINGS:●Oh my god, y'all the world building is absolutely incredible. It has a huge religious/mythological aspect to it and it's incredibly well written. This world is dark, dan [...]

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    5. This freaking book! The freaking Queen is an evil jerk! How in the world can I review this without telling all of the evil things she has done and it's still not the half of it! Okay, poor old Twylla is told she is a Daunen Embodied - has to do with gods and stuff. She's supposedly poisonous to the touch and she's the Queen's Executioner. The King doesn't ever have too much to say, but he does like to hear Twylla sing. The Queen wears the pants in the family! And the Queen has a son from her pre [...]

    6. I need a moment so I can process what I just readI absolutely fell in love with Salisbury writing style. I think it fits perfectly with this awesome high fantasy story. I could see the castle and the court and also their downfall so vivid on my mind, it was pretty great.The plot was, at times, predictable but I learned quickly that Salisbury has this thing that, it doesn't matter if you know what's going to happen, it still surprises the hell out of you. That's what happened to me.So, we have th [...]

    7. Shit. Shitshitshitshitshitshit. WHY?!? I didn't see it coming, man. I feel so's justI'm soH! I can't say without.'s likewhen my review comes closer to the release, my feels will be released.Just one thing:I really didHappy Waiting

    8. "I know all about souls. Before I became Daunen Embodied, I was the Sin Eater’s daughter."People, don't be fooled by the low average rating (by which I am exceedingly baffled): this book is utterly, absolutely, deliciously unique and splendid. I devoured it. •The very first chapters are a bit misleading; they make for a low-profile start, leading the readers to think they're in front of no unusual YA. Around chapter three or four, though, things radically change: the world building, especial [...]

    9. **1 disappointing star** [edited 3 April: added a bit more stuff and changed some of the wording]This book. Sigh.Where to start? The Sin Eater's Daughter was a very disappointing read. It tells the story of Twylla, Daunen Embodied - a daughter of a god who brings life and another that brings death. Twylla's touch is "deadly" and her skin emits a poison that kills slowly. She is Lormere's executioner. That's it! She doesn't go on a journey or anything or leave the castle let alone kingdom. She ge [...]

    10. Actual rating: 3.5“That's the problem with fairy tales, they change with the telling.” Dark, gripping, elusive, multilayered, painful, real. This is how one writes a dark fairy tale.Three days ago when I first opened The Sin Eater's Daughter, had I known it'd become one of those books that will capture my attention and surprise me in a best way possible? No, I did not. When you expect nothing from a book and get in the end everything you dreamed of, it's a kind of revelation. This book feels [...]

    11. 4.5 StarsWHAT.DID.I.JUSTAD??? I CANNOT, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, COMPREHEND THE FULL DEPTH & AWESOMENESS OF THIS BOOK. IT'S JUST TOO MUCHBut, ooh, WOW, what an heartbreaking, handshaking, mind racing, tear falling, emotional, BOMBSHELL of all book!!THE SIN EATER'S DAUGHTER IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!I NEED book 2 like I need air in my lungs!!!It's KILLING ME not having it!!NOW EXCUSE ME AS I SWOON OVER IT'S AWESOMENESS:I LOVED THIS BOOK!From it's unique and original plot, to it's fantasy aspects, tw [...]

    12. ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Sin Eater's Daughter by Melinda SalisburyBook One of The Sin Eater's Daughter seriesPublisher: Publication Date: February 24, 2015Rating: 2 starsSource: ARC sent by the publisherSummary (from ):Seventeen-year-old Twylla lives in the castle. But although she’s engaged to the prince, Twylla isn’t exactly a member of the court.She’s the executioner.As the Goddess embodied, Twylla instantly kills anyone she touches. Each month she’s taken to [...]

    13. Twylla was born to eat the sins of the dead. She was raised to follow her mother in this role until the Queen found their humble dwellings and invited her into the high society of the royal palace. Here, however, she lives a life just as secluded as before. Previously she was to rid the sins of others, now she is to enact the sins that would see any other cast out of the gods' favour, as she is placed in the role of the Duanen Embodied and graced by the gods to kill with a single touch. As royal [...]

    14. EDITED REVIEW Warning:To be totally honest, I was hoping this would be like Graceling, The Poison Study,The Throne of Glass and the Fair Assassin series. When I saw the cover and the title, I thought it would be a bad ass YA Fantasy.You know, with a lot of: •ass kicking :•sword fighting •character’s running for their lives •some poisons involved •sarcasm (preferably between the hero and the heroine) •magical powers •an assassin •a good secondary character/ sidekick •a very ve [...]

    15. Official Ratings 2.5 stars This is an 2.0 review I have such high expectations for this bookALLY HIGH AHAHA this book miserably failed me. It has a remarkable resemblance withshatter mewhich I love a lot. - The girl has a touch that could kill people- A fine love triangle which is not interesting at allHOWEVER what's different in this book is that it's BORING BORING BORING and there's no fluffy cute Warner.I felt like nothing happen until late 80%, which the plot in this book is not captivating [...]

    16. This is the story of Daunen Embodied/Twylla of the powerful kingdom of Lormere. She is the incarnation of the daughter of the Gods, divinely blessed to stay immune to the poison rushing in her veins but anyone around her is not safe from her touch, her touch can kill and it has, therefore, executed several criminals of the kingdom. In the turbulent times, Daunen is seen as a blessing of the Gods, a symbol of hope in the darkness of despair, a measure for the stability of the kingdom.Originally t [...]

    17. I was pretty wary of this one since it was getting tons of mixed reviews. People were either loving it or disliking it, so I'm happy to say I'm somewhere in the middle I liked certain parts and disliked others.As soon as I started I knew most would get turned off by the massive info dumping from the first few chapters. I don't mind these, they're telling you exactly what is up with the world and it sets up the story. Obviously, I would rather have a story unravel in bits and pieces where the mai [...]

    18. See more reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThe Sin Eater's Daughter came with a lot of promise but in the end, turned out to be a waste of my time.Twylla, the book's heroine literally does nothing in this book. She sits there in that sad little corner of her's and she sulks and complains about her life. I mean, YOU WERE MEANT TO BE THIS BADASS CHICK WITH HELLA SCARY POWERS. What the hell happened to that? I am disappoint. Furthermore, the instant-love in this one is horrid, guys. I cannot with it. T [...]

    19. Awesome cover, awesome book Not so awesome book! :( This book is a bad fairy tale.A hundred sad emoticons aren't enough to portray how disappointed I am. The cover lured me. But ya'll know what they say,Don't judge a book by it's cover. The story revolves around Twylla (what a pathetic name, eh?)who is the if-ya-touch-ma-poisonous-skin-ya'll-gonna-get-poisoned-and-die Daunen Embodied (what a pathetic title, eh?) who is starting to fall for her new guard while she is supposed to marry the prince. [...]

    20. WELL. That was remarkably disappointing. It wasn't an awful book, no! No, it wasn't! It just wasn't what I expected at all because:- It had no plot. Like, seriously?! How can this gorgeous looking cover and epic premise disguise a book that is purely NOT ABOUT ANYTHING?!- I couldn't care less about the characters. The protagonist (Twylla) made as many original thoughts and decisions as a melon. - There was basically no eating of sin. I WAS HERE FOR THE FOOOOOOD. But Twylla did no sin eating and [...]

    21. An advance copy of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts are my own.This review can also be found at The Starry-Eyed Revue.I had exceedingly high hopes for The Sin Eater's Daughter, what with that stunning cover and a synopsis that sounded beyond awesome. And while I do think that summary is a bit misleading, this novel went above and beyond my expectations.Salisbury's debut is magnificent in its exploration of a desperate kingdom, where fairy ta [...]

    22. I don't even know. I liked this, but wtf. Merek deserves better. Leaving off a rating for now. My Blog ~ Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Etsy

    23. If touch can kill, The Sin Eater’s Daughter can kill . . . because I want to die of disappointment.I expected something else. I pictured something else.Not this.I hate this book— and I’m not sure if that’s my way of liking it by showing a negative affection. For certain, I’m not feeling any love for the book. I don’t even know if I want to read the next book.1) I don’t like the characters.Let’s call the protagonist “T-Ball.” She annoys me. The only time I remotely liked her w [...]

    24. What was that? Some kind of telenovela set in fantasy world? Such a useless melodrama!Firstly, I didn't like any of the characters. And I mean at all. Characters are one of the most - if not the most - important things in books for me, so when I don't like any of them, when I can't even connect to the main heroine, than the story is pretty lost cause to me. Because I'm not going to be able to enjoy the storyline properly then. Not only I didn't care about any of the characters, but I simply hate [...]

    25. Full review available at: my blog__________________________________In the stories of old, a hero is the one who sweeps in with drawn sword and noble face, to kill the dragon and free the princess. In the stories of old it never seems to dawn on the princess that she should be careful not to put herself at the mercy of those who would do her ill in the first place. I don’t live in the stories of old.UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT! This book's opening is one of the strongest I have ever read. Normally, [...]

    26. This review has also been posted on The Social Potato Actual Rating 4.5This book though. It is so deliciously intense and I cannot help but want to jump up and down with equal parts excitement and fear. There is so much I want to say about this book but so much I cannot say without spoiling certain things.For starters though, I would like to commend Melinda on her geniusness. Seriously. She is super clever and I just want to, I don’t know, do something to let her know how much I appreciate her [...]

    27. I feel I should apologize before this review. It’s such a mess. I’m not sure how I feel about this book. I wanted to love it. I mean look at that cover! And that blurb! It sounds so awesome! But the book I got wasn’t the book I expected. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t as epically amazing as I wanted it to be.The Sin Eater’s Daughter was more of a romance set in a made up medieval kingdom than a fantasy.The Good: The religion building. I would say world, but though we [...]

    28. This was a slow paced, but weirdly engaging, YA fantasy/fairytale. There was little in the way of action, but the story had plenty of intrigue, suspense, and romance. The world building was basic, but good enough. It was set in a traditional fantasy-style kingdom, but had plenty of fairytale elements. Twylla was once The Sin Eater's Daughter before destiny chose her to be Daunen Embodied and she was plucked from her simple village life to live in the palace and become the betrothed of the Crown [...]

    29. This review and the rest of the crap I write can be seen @ my blogBark's Book Nonsense . Stop by and say hey.I picked this for my Young Adult horror square for the Booklikes Halloween Bingo. Young adult typically aggravates me but the blurb of this one sounded like it had potential. It promised, “A startling, seductive, deliciously dark debut that will shatter your definition of YA fantasy” and it was already on my Ipod thanks to theSync program. It was supposedly about a girl who can kill p [...]

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