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  • Title: Zodiac
  • Author: SamWilson
  • ISBN: 9781405921640
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zodiac In a corrupt and volatile society where people are divided and defined by zodiac signs status is cast at birth and binding forever The line between a life of luxury and an existence of poverty can be

    In a corrupt and volatile society where people are divided and defined by zodiac signs, status is cast at birth and binding forever The line between a life of luxury and an existence of poverty can be determined by the stroke of midnight.When a series of uniquely brutal murders targets victims of totally different signs, is it a misguided revolution or the work of a seriaIn a corrupt and volatile society where people are divided and defined by zodiac signs, status is cast at birth and binding forever The line between a life of luxury and an existence of poverty can be determined by the stroke of midnight.When a series of uniquely brutal murders targets victims of totally different signs, is it a misguided revolution or the work of a serial killer All eyes are on Detective Jerome Burton and Profiler Lindi Childs They may disagree over whether the answers are written in the stars, but they are united by their belief that a grand plan is being executed

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    1. The author has created a world that plagues society, much like what we experience here and now except people are judged not by their color, race, religion, nor even gender. but by their birth signs, date and time of birth. The 12 zodiac signs are representative of different neighborhoods, different schools, different job markets. Capricorns are the elite. Aries are at the bottom of the pack. This is where you will find the thugs, criminal elements. They are profiled, strip searched, and made to [...]

    2. Zodiac is a clever and very intriguing book – the world Sam Wilson creates here is fascinating and allows for some allegorical social study and honestly, its a banging good thriller too. It works so well because the author presents this world as fact, doesnt over explain and by a couple of chapters in you would almost imagine this IS our world and you are reading a reality based crime story rather than what it is – a beautiful mix of speculative fiction and (sort of) serial killer thriller. [...]

    3. This is such a unique novel. One that I don’t think you can fully grasp from the description, but it simply demands to be read. It’s such an impressive concept, I felt completely in awe of the writing. I only hope I can do it justice with a review!Set in San Celeste, a city divided not by gender, race or religion, but by zodiac sign. Aries are the cities underclass, the violent and uncontrollable. Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini are the professional and creative types etc. Each sign has the [...]

    4. Review can also be found at: overtherainbowbookblog.wordpr In Zodiac, Sam Wilson has created the most amazingly realistic and frightening world. It was scary to imagine a world were something like star signs could determine your whole life. Especially if you are an Aries, like me, so would be one of the criminal underclass in this world. The author does a great job in describing the world and the reader quickly gets immersed into it. I liked that the author had even created unique words like ‘ [...]

    5. Also find my review here: bookbum.weebly/book-reviewFirstly I'd like to thank Netgalley and Penguin UK - Michael Joseph for giving me the opportunity to read this book in an exchange for a review."How much worse would the world be if everyone was colour-coded? If people thought they could tell someone's essence at a glance, and discrimination became purely thoughtless? Maybe people wouldn't spend so much time making sure they acted, sounded and thought the same as their neighbours, if they weren [...]

    6. I loved this book. It did start out a little off (writing) but it quickly found its groove. There was a natural flow to the book that grabbed your eyes from the beginning and held them hostage until the end. Incorporating zodiac signs as an integral part of the story could have gone either way, but it worked out beautifully. For a debut novel I can't wait to see what Wilson writes next!

    7. Interesante la crítica a la división social por estratos. Bien llevada y entretenidaentremontonesdelibros

    8. I was totally enthralled and entertained by this book and found it to be a very clever commentary on society as a whole. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a page turning thriller that will also get you thinking. I expect it's going to be a very divisive novel and would recommend going in with an open mind, definitely free up a few hours when you start because if you're like me you won't put it down!

    9. I love astrological fiction and found this unique and fascinating. Not only a good plot with good characters, but accurate astrology in it, the guy obviously has studied astrology or done some very good research. i don't think you'd need to understand astrology but it's a bonus if you do. I just hope it's first of a series of many and that he writes them fast. Loved it.

    10. I really wanted to read this novel when I saw the stunning cover with that caption line. Those who know me won’t be surprised though if I tell that I really never read dystopian books. The first and last one I read was years ago and didn’t really appeal to me in the end. So it might be even more suprising if I say that I actually enjoyed Zodiac.A lot of it of course is the merit of this really interesting concept of a society based on different signs and the idea that you can’t treat peopl [...]

    11. A very clever crime thriller idea. A society divided by Zodiac signs. Status is cast at birth binding for ever. Fresh and different. A series of uniquely brutal murders target victims from totally different star signs.

    12. Original en su concepción y la manera en la que el autor ha dividido la sociedad en los signos del zodiaco. No sé si habrá segunda parte pero me gustaría.

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    14. I grabbed this book because the title begins with Z and the cover art is the zodiac. This fits great for the ABC challenges. Sadly that is all that is great about this book. It is an orginial concept that your life, your children, your job is all determined by your zodiac sign. After reading for a while I couldn't help compare to how Hunger games were divided in units. The murder kept my interest but then we have a father searching for his daughter that has nothing to do with the orginial story. [...]

    15. Reseña completa: sheilaentrelineasTiene una trama absorbente que te pega a sus páginas desde el primer capítulo y reflexiones que le dan un toque más profundo, sin llegar a resultar aburrido. Además, no es un thriller convencional, sino que la sociedad signista que ha creado Sam Wilson le da la distinción que hace que inevitablemente te llame la atención.

    16. I feel like I need to thank Sam Wilson for this incredible book as it brought my love for reading back to life with a huge bang! I absolutely loved every page & by the end of the book I was wishing for more pages. To me it was just something totally unique & I would recommend it to anyone!

    17. The alignment of the cosmos at the time of his birth gave him particular qualities that other people lacked, and those qualities were what brought him his wealth and power, not his father’s money or the education it had afforded him, or the thousands of small opportunities he was given by a society that assumed that male Capricorns were the default humans and everyone else was somehow less.3.5 ☆This could be a typical murder mystery/crime thiller, except that it’s set in a weird alternativ [...]

    18. Zodiac is a book due to be released 26th August and I was lucky to receive an advanced readers proof via Giveaway for an unbiased review. A crime/thriller novel, set in a world where class structure is determined by Zodiac signs, and you can be at the top of the hierarchy with the Capricorns or the lowest with the Aries and everyone else in between. You are judged by your behaviour and placed in a group in almost every social interaction. At the start of the novel we jump around a little, getti [...]

    19. What an inventive novel. I don't believe in horoscopes, but it must be possible for the stars and planets to influence our personalities. After all, they control the tides and we're mostly made of water. As random ways to segregate society go, our astrological sign can't be any different than the color of our skin our the class we belong to. This is the way San Celestia is organized and, as with any other form of discrimination, it's just a bomb waiting to go off. A series of murders apparently [...]

    20. I initially thought the premise of this story sounded different enough to be interesting, but I was wrong, hence a rating of two stars. The story concerns a series of murders directed at victims from different walks of life. The only connection concerns the astrological sign of each person as society is governed by your zodiac sign, which affects your job, status, education of your children, where you are allowed to live and where some zodiac signs are prized above all others. Births are sometim [...]

    21. Decidí apostar por el thriller con este libro y su sociedad dividida en signos. Flipante. Los personajes son increíbles y los bombazos venían uno detrás de otro. Me ha gustado muchísimo y Cray ha sido el mejor personaje junto a Lindi. La historia está contada a dos tiempos conociendo la historia de Daniel y la del detective Burton. Es de suponer que se acaban entrelazando pero madre mía, de que manera.El autor escribe de maravilla y te mantiene atrapado de principio a fin.Próximamente re [...]

    22. I was so pleased to have been one of the lucky winners of this book in a First Reads giveaway.This was an excellent thriller, with plenty of twists and turns. I seldom write what a story is about for fear of spoiling for others, but I do recommend. It is not often that my daughter reads many of the books I have amongst my collection, but she did express a wish to read the Zodiac as soon as I had finished.

    23. A crime thriller set in a society divided according to astrological signs, Zodiac keeps you guessing as you follow Detective Burton's progress as he tries to solve murders with the help of an astrological consultant. I found this an exciting read, I loved the original concept of the signs being such an important and influential part of society. Towards the end I nearly neglected my children as I HAD to find out how all the pieces fitted together.

    24. Astroloji ve polisiye bir araya gelir de ben okumaz mıyım? Okurum hem de ayıla bayıla. Farklı konusu (Burçlara bölünmüş bir toplum ve bu toplumda işlenen cinayetler, muhteşem değil de ne?) ve sürükleyiciliğiyle elimden bırakmadan 1,5 günde bitirdim. Hatta, 'hikaye keşke detaylandırılsaydı da birkaç ciltlik bir seri haline getirilseydi' diye bile düşündüm, o derece. Tavsiye ederim. =)

    25. This is a clever crime thriller about a serial killer inhabiting a society organised along the lines of astrological signs. There's a fast-paced plot with interesting characters and fun twists and turns. A recommended read.

    26. I loved Zodiac. I hoped for a fun thriller with an edge and I got that and more from this first time author.It makes for a good holiday read and it would make a great film too.

    27. Geboortes zijn belangrijk, zo ook in San Celeste. Hier bepaalt je geboortedatum wie je bent, wat je karakter is, waar je naar school moet, en waar je zult gaan werken. Politie en justitie worden gevormd door mensen die onder het sterrebeeld Stier zijn geboren: zij zijn loyaal, nuchter en betrouwbaar.Steenbokken zijn zeldzaam, zij zijn rijk en bezitten het grootste deel van de stad, als ook alle organisaties en instellingen.Kreeften en Weegschalen zijn zorgzaam, zij zijn gedienstig en staan beken [...]

    28. Die fiktive Stadt San Celest scheint sich in einem Paralleluniversum unserer Welt zu befinden. Hier läuft alles ein bisschen anders. Die Menschen befinden sich zwar technologisch auf dem gleichen Stand wie wir, allerdings entscheidet das Tierkreiszeichen in dem ein Mensch geboren wurde darüber, wie sein Leben ablaufen und welche gesellschaftliche Rolle er einnehmen wird. Und die Menschen haben keine Möglichkeit aus ihren Rollen auszubrechen oder sich weiterzuentwickeln.Bei diesem Thriller han [...]

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