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If the Buddha Married: Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path

  • Title: If the Buddha Married: Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path
  • Author: Charlotte Kasl
  • ISBN: 9780140196221
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • If the Buddha Married Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path If the Buddha Married is filled with the same highly practical spiritually sound guidance that so clearly touched a chord with readers of If the Buddha Dated Charlotte Kasl Ph D is renowned for her

    If the Buddha Married is filled with the same highly practical, spiritually sound guidance that so clearly touched a chord with readers of If the Buddha Dated Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D is renowned for her ability to speak with depth, wisdom, and humor on important matters of the heart.In this new book, Kasl inspires us to create fulfilling and vibrant relationships through aIf the Buddha Married is filled with the same highly practical, spiritually sound guidance that so clearly touched a chord with readers of If the Buddha Dated Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D is renowned for her ability to speak with depth, wisdom, and humor on important matters of the heart.In this new book, Kasl inspires us to create fulfilling and vibrant relationships through a commitment to awareness and truth Combining key teachings of Buddhism with elements of psychology, If the Buddha Married becomes a wise and trusted guide through the joys and thickets of relationships that last and grow.

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    1. I have mixed feelings about this book. Some of the information was useful - particularly the actual Buddhist thoughts/beliefs and tips on putting these ideas into action in your life and relationships. But the book seriously faltered (for me) with some of the case studies and personal accounts of other couples. Very surface level issues, folks! And pretty cheeseball ways of communicating, IMO. I was hoping for something richer and deeper, a la Pema Chodron or Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. What I got [...]

    2. I'm loving the principles in this book and though it took me a little bit of perseverence to get into it I really feel as though I'm learning something from it that I can immediately apply into my daily life - and not just into my significant other's and my relationship, but EVERY relationship.I especially appreciate the idea of living in this moment, and now this moment, and now this moment, and not comparing our partner to how he used to be last week or a year ago, but who he is right now. And [...]

    3. My Aunt bought me this book, sweetly, and gifted me it at a recent bridal shower. What she didn't know is that I read the book, similarly titled, by the same author a few years ago, "If the Buddha Dated" and it absolutely shifted my entire paradigm around love and relationships and dating. A very straight-forward, easy to read, beautiful exploration of healthy relationships. Naturally, the marriage version was just the same. The difference? This time around I was supremely affirmed. I learned fr [...]

    4. Only 3* for a useful book, that I might read again in a few months time. Why???I like the concepts and find useful stuff in Kasls books, but her style gets a bit in the way for me. All those examples of loving and understanding couples who had problems, but have seen the light I think I would have got the picture with less examples. Nevertheless some practical eyeopeners!

    5. "Think so a love within you so rich and flowing that it can dissolve whatever is hard or knotted or afraid in your heart. Imagine a free-flowing energy so vast it spills out of you and into the heart of your beloved"

    6. I listened to this one on audio. It was highly recommended by Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment). Even though I do not follow Buddha I could not stop listening and learned some great ideas. It's a great book on communication with your spouse or even a friend. Most of it was common sense. It's one of those books where you could refer to it again and again. If you are struggling with your marriage or just want to add more communication to your marriage I highly recommend you read this book.

    7. Note about queer-inclusion: f/f relationships are included and Kasl has reported in If the Buddha Dated that she dated/s both men and women.Why I Recommend Bumping This UP On Your TBR: THIS IS A MUST-READ. I cried so much both because it was touching and because I actually grew and changed as a person while I read it. I have so many post-it tabbies all over it. For anyone who is in a relationship or plans to be in a relationship, you have to read this. Kasl discusses interpersonal relationships [...]

    8. Table of Contents Introduction xvii PART I The Spiritual Path to LoveBuddhism for Lovers and Partners3 (12)Say Hello to Your Beloved: Sufism15 (2)Learn to Trust Yourself: The Society of Friends17 (2)Explore the Source of an Enduring Bond19 (10)Discover the Freedom of Beginner's Mind29 (5)Tune In to Yourself, Tune In to Your Lover34 (5) PART II I, You, and Us: A Dance in Three PartsExperience the ``Us'' Place of Relationship: Becoming More Than We Could Be Alone39 (3)Experience Living in an ``Us' [...]

    9. Too much of a mishmash of ideas that doesn't treat them within their context -- an approach that can mislead. I would not recommend this book as an accurate representation of Buddhist ideas.

    10. Highlights:1. The marriage is the anchor, the home base, the center of the wheel of life. We find sustenance in it, value it, and are fed by it. Our desire to protect this special union helps still our criticism, own up to our insensitivity, apologize, and forgive. It helps us stretch ourselves to give and be honest. In doing so, both members of the union become more of who they are, and thus bring more vitality to the relationship.2. Successful couples are skillful at reflecting the best parts [...]

    11. This book was given to me by one of my best friends as she has been reading/carrying around the dating version of this book by the same author, and she performs wedding ceremonies and wondered if it would be a good gift for a couple getting married. Much of this book, I felt, was kinda obvious, but then with all the marriages constantly exploding in our society and how little room we are given to process things consciously as individuals or as couples, maybe it is not so obvious. This book is fu [...]

    12. I have very mixed feelings about this book. There is so much wisdom here, but also so much that is trite and cliched. It almost feels like two different books sometimes. The "case studies" don't add much, and some of them are very odd, like the husband who spends money on hunting dogs, and the wife who cries every time he buys a new dog because she wants to give all their money to charity (and this is "resolved" by their never discussing it) . . . . The chapters on sex read as if they were writt [...]

    13. Carolyn loaned me this book. This was a very interesting guide to relationships, but sadly, I didn't finish it. Like most self-help books, it can be read in installments and not necessarily in chronological order, so that makes it hard to get into and makes me easily distracted (sorry honey). Anyway, based on what I did read, it was filled with lots of common-sense wisdom about how to accept your partner's uniquness, and how being in a successful relationship doesn't mean you have to be together [...]

    14. I liked this book because it gives very practical and simple ways to improve marriage and other types of relationships. It's not deep, but I don't think it was meant to be. It's easy to read in small snatches of time. In fact, I read a chapter every day or two and just let the ideas percolate in my unconscious. It's a book I will refer to from time to time when I am too attached to how I think things should be. I recommend it.

    15. i'm not married, not even close, but i enjoyed if the buddha dated so much that i wanted to check this out. i found that this book isn't just for married couples. while it is geared toward those that are in long term serious relationships there is much that anyone can take away from it. i would definitely recommend reading this along with if the buddha dated to get the most out of both of them.

    16. Can someone please explain to me how someone could write a whole book on a topic and give it such a stupid name? According to all accounts, the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was married to a woman named Rahula and they had a son together. The traditional story is that he left his young wife and baby to start a personal spiritual journey. How is this the model for "enduring relationships on a spiritual path"?

    17. OK I didn't want to admit reading this book. But you should read it too. It could really help anyone with any relationship. If you think it couldn't, then you REALLY should because you're a little too smug. Never be smug. Whether you know it or not, you are on a spiritual path and this little book helps you realize that there is nothing so great as the here and now. It's simple but not simplistic.

    18. I've had the pleasure of reading both 'if the Buddha got stuck' and 'if the Buddha dated'. In if the Buddha married, Dr. Kasl does a wonderful job blending Eastern philosophy with modern day relationship issues. I can't give this book enough praise and rated it a 5 out of 5 stars. If you are seeking enlightenment on how to create an enduring relationship--this is your book!

    19. No matter where you are in a relationship, dating, engaged, newly wed, celebrating 25 anniversary, there is a great deal for everyone to learn in the book. I listened to the audio book at audible. It is especially a great way to read this book, because it was read, I felt it was like a counselor talking to me, invisible, nonjudgmental but wise and powerful.

    20. This book is designed for people who have more spiritual approach towards the world in general, who are looking to transform their relationship to the 'us world' instead of what is right for me and what is right for you and to project love and kindness not only towards themselves but to the Universe as a whole.

    21. this book really helped me in my relationship of 5 years to continue indefinitely. great reminders to continue the search to see someone you love for themselves and to not tire of striving to learn more about them. not so much of a self-help or relationship saver as a conscious-raising route to compassion and reconnection. small short read that's easy to digest.

    22. Though I find the title somewhat cheesy, I thought it was a really read-able, useful book about being in intimate relationship with another person or others, and about taking responsibility for our own selves. I actually thought it was more relevant (albeit not as in-depth) than much of what I learned in school about couples therapy?!

    23. Sometimes I wish the for the ideal to happen and even if we think we are prepared by knowledge it sometimes doesn't work out. I admire Kasl's ideals and would love to find someone who was as interested in practicing them as me. But alas, who?

    24. This book had a lot of good suggestions, and gave me a different perspective on problems in my relationship. I think it could greatly help us to communicate if my husband would read it too.

    25. Many, many excellent words of advice. Lovingkindness. Living in the present. Good stuff! I'm keeping my copy.

    26. I'm reading this now (it's in the bathroom), but I think that marriage is like any other discipline: something to be studied and reflected on in order to improve one's understanding and practice.

    27. I have a great relationship with my husband and this book gave me ways to make it even better. The advice in the book can work for all relationships too.

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