1 thought on “The Fantastic World Of Gervasio Gallardo

  1. I happened to see this book in the library catalog while searching for something else. I had this as a child (that is, my parents had it) and used to spend hours looking at the pictures. I always recognize the book covers that were in here right away. I think the first one I read was

  2. Gervasio Gallardo is a Spanish artist (born 1934) best known in America, if he is known at all, for his paperback cover illustrations, in particular for many of the "Ballantine Adult Fantasy" series of the late 1960s/early 1970s edited by Lin Carter. This handsome volume in Peacock Press' tremendous series of books on illustrators and fantasy art showcases only a few of his works for that series -- 9 covers reproduced in full or 1 1/2 page size (the book is 9x11 so these are nice-sized pictures) [...]

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