- By Nigella Lawson

Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home

  • Title: Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home
  • Author: Nigella Lawson
  • ISBN: 9781401323950
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nigella Kitchen Recipes from the Heart of the Home Comprehensive informative and engaging Nigella Kitchen offers feel good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting yet always seductive nostalgic but with a modern twist whether super fast exoti

    Comprehensive, informative, and engaging, Nigella Kitchen offers feel good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting yet always seductive, nostalgic but with a modern twist whether super fast exotic recipes for the weekday rush, leisurely slow cook dishes for weekends and special occasions, or irresistible cakes and cookies in true domestic goddess style Nigella KitComprehensive, informative, and engaging, Nigella Kitchen offers feel good food for cooks and eaters that is comforting yet always seductive, nostalgic but with a modern twist whether super fast exotic recipes for the weekday rush, leisurely slow cook dishes for weekends and special occasions, or irresistible cakes and cookies in true domestic goddess style Nigella Kitchen answers everyday cooking quandaries what to feed a group of hungry teenagers, how to rustle up a spur of the moment meal for friends, or how to treat yourself when you re home alone and since real cooking is so often about leftovers, here one recipe can morph into another from ham hocks in cider to cidery pea soup, from praised chicken to Chinatown salad This isn t just about being thrifty it s about being creative and seeing how recipes evolve.With 190 mouthwatering and inspiring recipes, including than 60 express style recipes 30 minutes or under , Nigella Kitchen offers plenty of choice from clams with chorizo to Guinness gingerbread, from Asian braised beef shank to flourless chocolate lime cake, from pasta alla Genovese to Venetian carrot cake In addition, Nigella presents her no nonsense kitchen kit must haves and crucially what isn t needed in the way of equipment and magical standby ingredients But above all, she reminds the reader how much pleasure there is to be had in real food and in reclaiming the traditional rhythms of the kitchen, as she cooks to the beat of the heart of the home, creating simple, delicious recipes to make life less complicatedGorgeously illustrated, this expansive, lively narrative, with its rich feast of food, is destined to be a twenty first century classic to A Food Network star offers a collection of than 200 new recipes and aims to recapture the comforting simplicity of hearth and home, in a book with 200 color photos.

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    1. This is the first time I've read a cookbook straight through like a novel. I started with a library copy, but the delight of reading it was worth buying my own book and marking it up. I'm one of those odd birds who's only heard of Nigella Lawson a few months ago. (Shauna Niequist referenced her in her memoir, Bread & Wine.) I've never seen her on TV (yet). Part of me finds her so winsome in print and doesn't want to take a chance that my opinion would change. Each section begins with a one-p [...]

    2. I always love Nigella right from the very beginning I saw her television program. I love everything about the show: the pictures, the photography, the flow, the concept, everything. The recipes are so-so, but it doesn't matter to me. To me, recipes are more like ideas that we adapt freely from time to time rather than some sort of instruction sets. As long as they are not totally fraud, I appreciate and cherish them as the treasures I am obliged to explore more. And I love the simplicity and thr [...]

    3. Nigella Lawson writers some very nice cookbooks! I have used a number of recipes from her "Nigella Express" and found them quite tempting. Here is a new cookbook from her kitchen. She notes the point of this specific work (Page xix): "The life of a kitchen takes in many moods and many meals. The recipes in this book try to reflect and, more, to celebrate that fact. . . [T]his one is based on the premise that the kitchen is an enduring place of comfort and that the food which comes out of it prov [...]

    4. Another magical tome from Nigella Lawson. And again, I found her wit so enjoyable that I read it like a novel.It is of course filled with delicious (and ingenius) dishes. And I was particularly impressed with her cocktail suggestions towards the end.If you appreciate "real" food, and find solace in cooking, than this is for you. It is a little more special than some of her other books with dishes designed for special occasions. But the emphasis is still on making food and cooking enjoyable for a [...]

    5. I have been hoping for some time for Nigella Lawson to write another book in the vein of her first one, How to Eat. However all of her follow up books have been more recipe collections than anything else, albeit with nicely written introductions and the casual recipe giving style that characterizes her breezy, accessible writing. I have just picked this up from the library and finished the introduction, yet it looks much more along the lines of How to Eat than anything yet. Much more along the l [...]

    6. I have only made one recipe from this book, and even though it was fantastic that might seem slim evidence for a five-star rating, but I don't really read cookbooks for recipes anymore. What I'm after is the feeling of talking with a friend about food. I may be reticent in real life, but if we introduced ourselves by sharing our favorite foods instead of "what do you do/what are you studying", I'd be less so. I would remember everybody's names and I would introduce them all to you. "This is Asha [...]

    7. Pretty annoying to watch on tv, but she writes a great cookbook! Have really loved every recipe so far. Stocked my pantry with a few of her must-haves.

    8. Nigella Lawson does not need much of an introduction. The beautiful and voluptuous maven has been publishing cookbooks and cooking shows for years. I bought NIGELLA KITCHEN at a very crazy time in my life. It was weeks from Christmas and I was in the midst of final exams so I skimmed through it and shelved it. The holidays came and went so fast and my thesis writing was ongoing so I had little time to immerse myself in little else. Now that the thesis is completed, I finally read this cookbook l [...]

    9. Laying aside the pointless and unnecessary excess of padding-out photography (one of my absolute pet hates of all time) which does absolutely nothing for the usability of this book; “Kitchen” took me happily back to the balmy days of “How To Eat”. More than most cookery book writers, Nigella Lawson is not only blessed with an excellent sense of taste, but also a remarkable ability to write superbly and winsomely well simply on the subject of food and cooking. Indeed I rather wish that sh [...]

    10. I've made three savory recipes from the book, and all were tasty enough and easy, but I'm not sure if any of them are keepers. (I made the "sunshine soup," with corn and roasted bell peppers, the "cheesy chili," which, weirdly, features mozzarella, and the "small pasta with salami," which also includes cannellini beans.) I was tempted by several other savory recipes - the "Korean keema" with ground turkey and rice sounds great, and the Pasta alla genovese sounds perfect for summer. as does the t [...]

    11. Like with her other books Kitchen is not only full to the brim with luscious recipes and inspiring photography but it’s teeming with Nigella's own seductive musings on the way we eat and prepare our food.There is nothing unique or amazing about the recipes in Kitchen. They are all very easy, intuitive and from the looks of the lushly coloured photos accompanying them, unreservedly delicious- except maybe not the Spaghetti and Marmite recipe. Judgement reserved on that until I’ve made it. The [...]

    12. I already own some (well, a lot) of Nigella Lawson's books. This fact should refine my ethusiasm for her as I can well see that a big chunk of recipes are shamefully redundant in them. Also, I have seen her lately on TV shows where she appeared slightly more decadent than would suit my taste. In addition, her website verges on the worst I have ever seen. I would like to have her new book, still, even if I expect its content to be very likely more a collection of former recipes than new creations [...]

    13. Extra comfy comfort food. Even Nigella Lawson's writing style is cozy and her warm and down-to-earth personality comes through on every page. Each recipe reads more like a blog entry than just a clinical list of instructions and because Lawson is such a pleasure to spend time with, this works in the book's favor.Despite the friendly vibe, Lawson is serious about cooking; this is a very professional cookbook. Each recipe is clear and easy to follow and includes additional tips for preparing thing [...]

    14. f you are a fan of Nigella Lawson this is one of her many cookbooks you will want.Beautiful photos, lots of easy recipes, a huge section for the sweet tooth, a few pages of cocktails and many good dinner recipes.So far I have cooked Chicken Greek herb sauce, Lamb with rosemary and port and Leeks with mushrooms.I also adapted the aforementioned leeks and mushrooms recipe to be a side dish with a grilled T-bone steak. I sautéd the mushrooms and leeks in butter, sea salt and added a healthy dollop [...]

    15. Mi-am dorit foarte mult aceasta carte si m-am bucurat la maxim cand am primit-o de Craciun de la sora mea. La prima rasfoire mi s-a parut ca voi gati o gramada de retete din ea si deja ma imaginam cu un carnetel in mana planuind meniuri intregi inspirate de aceasta carte. La o rafoire mai atenta insa, dupa ce am parcurs 500 pagini, am realizat cu dezamagire ca nu voi face decat maxim 3 retete. Ingredientele nu sunt din cele ce gasesti la orice market, prin urmare este greu sa respecti reteta. De [...]

    16. This is a great compendium of many favourites from different iterations of her TV shows, plus good array of staples from late night snacks, a quick meal, to cakes and some cocktails even. The recipes are ok and the instructions are easy to follow.But my attraction to Nigella in particular is her voice and her prose. So I find myself lingering and returning to the front section of this HUGE 480+ page tome!Picked this up at the library, which is always a great source especially for flipping throug [...]

    17. LOVE Nigella! Wife bought me this one--which is kind of feeding into my obsession for another woman! Love my wife. This book is full of great recipes but its also a good read as she has so many personal stories and so much information behind each recipe. It brings depth that's far beyond the actual food and makes it more than just a palette pleaser. The photos in the book are also amazing--So much valuable stuff in this one. Always one to go back to. --Also, some really interesting dishes-things [...]

    18. Another glorious and gorgeous book from one of my favorite chefs. I have only made two recipes so far (see links below), but I have many more tabbed to make. Nigella's cookbooks are always so fun and satisfying as they read like she is chatting with you in the kitchen and the recipes are always so good. See the Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic here: kahakaikitchen/20d the Garlicky Chicken Soup (using the leftovers) here: kahakaikitchen/20

    19. I love this cookbook! Well, let me rephrase that, so far I have loved everything I have read by this woman and this was no exception. Usually I flip through cookbooks and then discard them to the cupboard, but this one I have been pouring over and my husband keeps looking at me strange when I make delighted little noises with each new page. The writing is engaging, the photos are fun and certainly make otherwise simple recipes come to life. And not only is it good diversion from the daily grind, [...]

    20. Rarely do I ever read cookbooks, preferring to flip through the recipes to get an idea of the author's style. I checked this book out from the library along with a stack of others, including an exhaustive Martha Stewart tome, the Farm Chicks cookbook, and the Tassajara vegetarian cookbook. I ended up reading most of Nigella's book. I want to be in her kitchen. I like the way she thinks about food and home. I ended up buying a copy because there are so many recipes I want to try. (later) i have m [...]

    21. A return to form for our favorite domestic goddess, Kitchen is a fat, splendid, glossy compendium full of photos, essays and true confessions. Lawson addresses readers who have been following her books for years by acknowledging that her kids have grown, her tastes are evolving and that we've all been down the rhubarb road before (so she subs in gooseberries). I especially enjoyed her candid confessions about which appliances are gathering dust under her counters (spoiler alert: yogurt maker).

    22. I rather dislike Nigella Lawson. I find her TV programmes unwatchable and yet her writing draws me in. Even if I rarely cook something from her books (and when I do it's usually great), I love to sit up in bed and read her writing. So I'd recommend this as a book to read or dip into rather than as a recipe book (because I'm pretty sure by the cleanliness of this one that I haven't cooked a thing from it).

    23. Nigella Kitchen is a wonderful book as are all Nigella Lawson's cookbooks. And it's not just the recipes. What makes her books great is the way she writes about home cooking, food, the kitchen, and all the loveliness that domestic life has to offer. Her writing, for me, is vey similar to her countryman, Nigel Slater, who also has a wonderful way with words when it comes to food and cooking. So if you enjoy reading about food, you can't go wrong with Nigella.

    24. While I always love her recipes, and this book is no exception - what I adored about this book were the first pages, talking about her kitchen, the best storage for utensils, cooking realistically - it really was written as if she's sitting there having a chat with you over a cup of tea.The photos were stunning, the recipes delightful - we're making the pasta with salami this week! - and there is just nothing about this book I don't enjoy!

    25. Nigella Kitchenis is one of my favourite amongst her books. Recipes are new and so very practical. A winner in this book is the ultimate 'Devil's Food Cake'.love this book and the Food writing in all her books are such a pleasure to read always. Her description of ingredients are so apt always. Her involvement just exuberates the honesty and Passion that she always epitomises so truly. My favourite always.

    26. I make no secret of my Love for Nigella Lawson. She makes go all weak in the knees. This book is no different. The recipes are well laid out, thoughtfully explained and complete. This is a cookbook that I'll sit with simply to gawk at the great pictures and stellar recipes.I've made several dishes from this great book with no problems. The photos in this book are amazing. The stills in this book boarder on food porn. I Love This Book.

    27. However many years on from publication this is still my favourite cookbook. Recipes are easy to follow with beautiful pictures and usually a short story to inspire you. Make ahead notes and tips for using up leftovers always a winner with me. I always know when I cook a Nigella that the result will be worth the effort. Not something that can be said for most celebrity chefs.

    28. Eventually I will buy this book. It's Nigella Lawson. There are as usual a lot of thing I would never consider making due to our tastes and picky-eaters (totally including me). But she does have things we would try. Especially desserts, right! I didn't see repetition from her earlier books either but maybe I just didn't notice.

    29. There is nothing new to be said about Nigella's books. Trustworthy home cooking, clear instructions, great writing, nice photography and many appealing dishes It's not chef's cooking, it's home cooking, simple, easy, fast or slow. Simple dinners, fast bakes, slow cooked feasts and fancy cakes. Probably one of the most "useful" cookbooks I own.

    30. She is definitely British, some of these recipes I cannot imagine trying to eat and I am not very picky. I found out what Marmite is, though I am not curious enough to try any of her concoctions that contain it. From : The British version of the product is a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty and savoury with umami qualities.

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